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Detailed information about personal consultations.


  • If you are a first time-client, or have not had a reading with me for more than about two years, I will ask you to complete and return an 'info form'. This helps me keep all your information in one place, and helps you focus on the reading and your reason for seeking it. Click here to see the form, and here for GDPR compliance statement.
  • To calculate your horoscope, your exact birth date, time and place is needed. Click here if you do not know this information and have no way of getting it.
  • Material on progressions and transits (graphs) will be prepared, reflecting the recent past, current and future periods of your life. These are used as 'background reference' for our discussion, as needed, according to relevance. Note: You will not be offered an 'explanation' of every detail shown.
  • There is an optional notated list of transits, for an extra fee of £30.00, to reflect the time it take to compile. Click here for a sample.
  • Please note that specific predictions of events will not be offered, although the transit material gives us plenty to work with in terms of discussion.
  • Other time periods may be explored to clarify significance and reveal meaning, which in turn may activate release and healing. This can be particularly relevant for traumatic or formative events. Please mention if this is relevant.
  • Relationships can be explored, but additional charts cannot be used without the other person's knowledge and permission.
  • Written interpretation is not offered (with the exception of some Horary work - see below). You will receive a copy of your chart by Email. Other information sheets may be provided, tailored to your chart.
  • I do not usually do horoscopes for babies under the age of three - but please ask.
  • Be assured that all work is confidential. This means your birth data, notes I make, and any conversations entered into about your horocope, by Email, or in person.

  • Apart from exceptional circumstances, other people not directly involved in the reading are not permitted to attend with you, including babies and children.
  • All work is recorded, unless you ask me not to, so that you can review the information. Recordings are uploaded to a secure website from which you can download. Click here for important information about recordings.

  • There is time for dialogue and spontaneous questions during the session, but if this is important for you, please book the longer session-time of 90min.
  • If you have a specific question you need to ask, please read the section on 'Horary', below, or click here.
  • If you would like to offer a reading to someone as a gift, please be sure it would be a welcome gift! Contact me to discuss this if you are in any doubt. A gift e-card (pdf format) can be provided. Click here to see it.
  • Note: If I feel any doubt as to whether a reading with me would be useful for you at this time, I will be guided by a divination (see the notes on 'Horary', below), and I will let you know.
  • If you are in therapy or have recently been in acute mental/emotional distress please let me know. Co-operation with your therapist may be required.
  • You are solely responsible for any actions you take or do not take on the basis of our conversation during the session, and for any the use you make of the information offered.


If your birth time is unknown ....


  • If your birth time is uncertain or not known, it is usually still possible to do a reading. This might involve you in some background research, to create a ‘timeline’ for me to work from. Many people find this process, known as 'rectification', to be a rewarding experience in itself. Click here for notes about the kind of information needed, and more detail about the process.
  • The fee is £100.00 minimum, more if the work required becomes complex or extensive. In this case, I will contact you before proceeding. However, this is usually not necessary. NOTE: The fee is additional to the cost of the reading itself.
  • Minor time adjustments can be incorporated into general preparation, and there is no extra fee for this.
  • Please note that rectification work is only offered if you have also booked a reading with me.
  • If someone else has already rectified your chart, providing it 'feels right' to you, we can use that birth-time, which can be checked by dowsing if you wish.

    Readings in person ...


    • Not offered at the present time but will resume in due course


    Readings by Skype ...


    • We speak on Skype, at a pre-arranged mutually suitable time. PLEASE USE A COMPUTER NOT A MOBILE PHONE.
    • My SKYPE NAME: melanie.reinhart
    • Free phone calls are offered, to landlines (and cell-phones in some areas). Surcharge may be applied for some locations with expensive tariffs. Phone calls are offered only as a 'last resort' if no other method is possible.


    Absent readings ...


    • A digital recording is made in your absence, if no other possibility works.
    • This option is not always available, but do ask.
    • I will ask for some information about you and your focus for the reading, in lieu of being able to speak in person.
    • Wherever possible, it is preferable to speak in person, by phone or Skype.


    Relationship astrology or 'Synastry'...


    • If both people are interested in the astrological perspective on their relationship, it is useful for each person to have an individual reading first.
    • We can schedule a combined reading for later, leaving perhaps a month or so for the information to be absorbed.
    • It is also possible for one person to attend a session and explore a relationship, providing the other knows and agrees.
    • Please call or Email to discuss, so we can create a 'working structure' that suits your specific needs.
    • 'Synastry' is possible between two people in any kind of relationship: parent/child, marriage partners, lovers, business partners, friends, etc.


    Lunar Fertility Cycles


    • Fertility times additional to the menstrual cycle were discovered by Dr. Eugene Jonas.
    • These can be calculated for the year ahead for a fee of £20.00, whether or not you are intending to book a reading.
    • Click here for more information and a sample.


    Astro*Cartography ...


    • This technique maps your horoscope across the surface of the Earth, showing where each particular planetary energy is strongly focused.
    • Questions relating to location can be incorporated within a reading at no extra charge.
    • This option is only available within the context of a reading, not separately.

    Horary Questions ...

    • Horary astrology is the 'in-house' divination method, used to answer specific questions.
    • Fee: £100.00 mininmum for a 'stand-alone' Horary, for which I will provide a short written report or recording, whichever seems most appropriate to faciltate the interpretation.
    • If a horary is incorporated into a reading which also includes natal and transit information, we'll negotiate the fee.
    • Click here for further information about Horary.


    Venues ...


    • 'Live' sessions are not available until further notice.


    Waiting list and cancellations ...

    • Waiting list for returning clients is currently up to 6 weeks, but cancellations can occur at the most seredipitous times, so don't let that put you off contacting me!
    • NEW CLIENTS. My practice is currently closed to new clients.
    • Please check my schedule for availability. Click here for details.
    • Let me know if you want to be contacted should an appointment become available at short notice (whether or not you've already booked one).
    • If you need to cancel an arranged session, 48 hours notice is required, or up to the full fee may be due, depending on how much preparation I've already done.
    • Priority is always given to established clients, for follow-up work.


    Beforehand ...


    • Focusing on your reasons for contacting me and formulating specific questions can help you get the most benefit from your session.
    • It can be useful to write down your focus for the reading, with any additional relevant information.
    • This can be done simply for yourself, but if you'd like me to read it, you are welcome to send it - please do so a minimum of one week beforehand.
    • Simply feeling 'it's the right time', and not having specific themes is also fine.


    Afterwards ...


    • Short general questions can be answered briefly by Email, providing in-depth re-focus on your chart is not required. Anything else needs a 'formal' follow-up consultation to be booked (fees as below).
    • For many people, one reading is sufficient, but you are welcome to return periodically for a review.
    • Note: I do not offer 'on-going' work, in the sense of frequent sessions (or emails) which 'contain' your process. That need belongs in the context of a therapeutic relationship with a commitment to regular sessions at an agreed frequency of time. I will let you know if I feel that this would be more appropriate for you.
    • Click here for a 'Resources' sheet offering suggestions about meditative self-healing processes.


    Recordings ...


    • All readings can be recorded. This service is offered as a courtesy only. I do my utmost to ensure that all equipment is in peak working condition, and also make a back-up recording, but in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, I do not offer refunds, neither can I 're-do' your session.
    • If you want a second backup it is recommended that you record the session yourself.
    • Digital recordings are offered free of charge, and the download link will be 'live' for 28 days from when you receive your notification.
    • Recordings are archived for your convenience, in case of file loss, but can be deleted upon request at any time.
    • Audio cassette recordings and CDs are not offered.



    Fees ...


    • First reading: £195.00 (90 min session - one chart only). Plus £30 extra for detailed transit list, if required.
    • Additional charts: £30-50, depending on work required.
    • Follow up sessions: £120 per hour, £165 for 90 mintues (revisit within 2 years). Plus £30 extra for detailed tranist list, if required.
    • Rectification: £100 minimum (separate from fee for reading - not offered at present).
    • Digital recordings: free of charge (but see above).
    • Phone calls: free of charge, worldwide (Landlines only. Surcharge for mobiles and for some locations).
    • Pre-payment: usually required
    • Concessions may be available - do ask.
    • Refunds are not offered. My fee reflects both the time spent on preparation and the session itself.

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