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This page offers a selection of good causes, all related to healing.

You may wish to donate money, or to demonstrate support in other ways.

Some links below have been added for your interest, information, response and action, as you feel called.
Scroll down, also ...

May life reciprocate your generosity.


The Harry Edwards
Spiritual Healing Sanctuary

Offering distant healing to all for over 50 years, funded entirely by donations.

Bumi Sehat

Natural birth clinic in Bali,
run by Robin Lim,
CNN 'Hero of the Year' 2011.





Volcano Gunung Agung in Bali ... ongoing

Donate now through Bumi Sehat


Photo credit: M. Reinhart 8.12.2017


Donate now through Bumi Sehat



The current transit of Nessus and Neptune through Pisces is busy revealing the lies and manipulation of public opinion which serve to veil (Neptune) the real issues concerning our health.

Deception will only rule

if we allow it.


Click here and here for a wealth of material,
some already in the mainstream media.

We need to stay informed and exercise discernment, so ...

let's think straight,

listen to our own wise instincts,

and follow the path with heart.



Endangered Species




The Sacred White Lions of Timbavati

(Matsieng - Great Star Hunter)


There are about 100 'canned hunting' operations in South Africa. It costs about $130,000 to 'buy' a White Lion to be shot in cold blood. The White Lion Trust operates a unique re-introduction programme, and has been lobbying for legislative change to protect these magnificent creatures. (Click on the picture for their website.)







Click here to visit 'Blue Voice'

for information and ways you can help










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