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Articles by Guest Writers



The Thirteenth Sign

Every year or so, someone in the media claims that
"Astrologers Have Got It All Wrong" because there are really
THIRTEEN, NOT TWELVE signs of the Zodiac.
Shock! Horror! There are actually two contenders -
Arachne and Ophiucus. Read Kim Farnell's history
of how this happened ...




Coronavirus and Astrology -

Eclipses and the Saturn-Pluto Cycle

Astrologer Mercedes Simon takes the 'long view', giving us
a fascinating historical time-line of the
Saturn-Pluto cycle in relation to previous pandemics.

From 540 AD until now!



Chariklo's Story: What best serves Love

Kelley Hunter's beautiful imaginal re-telling of the mythic
story of Chariklo. Be transported!



Pan and the Pandemic

Brian Clark, co-director of Astro*Synthesis, reflects on the god Pan,
whose name is invoked in our word 'pan-demic', and whose
soul-process has profound implications for all of us at this time ...


Astronomical Dating of the Mahabharata War
A book by Dieter Koch, Zurich, Switzerland.
A stunning piece of astro-maths and cosmic detective work which engages with the question
of the dating of these ancients texts, and the events described in them.


The Transit of Venus - A Silent Silvery Star

Article by Brian Clarke of Astro*Synthesis, Melbourne

Soul Connections in the Sea

An article by Helen Kaye Watts about the Orca, giving an evocative portrayal of the creature
associated with Orcus, the TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) discovered in 2004.
Click here for more information about Orcus.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune by Phoebe Wyss

Linking the previous of periods of history when this triple conjunction occurred confirms its significance
as a time when there is an influx of spiritual energy relevant to forthcoming times ...

(First published in the Journal of Astrological Association of Great Britain.)


Chiron and the Thessalian Healers

Brian Clarke, co-director of Astro*Synthesis shares his research with us. His thesis title was

'Disease and the Deity: Medicine and the Divine in Early Greek Literature and Myth'

for which he was awarded in 2006 an M.A. in Classics and Archaeology. 

(More articles by Brian ...)

Chiron And The Centaurs

From Sue Tompkins book, 'The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook', a classic, comprehensive
reference book,
written in an accessible and engaging style.

'My Story' by Dragana Van de Moortel-Ilic

The poignant and astonishing story of astrologer Dragana Illic, surviving the war in the
former Yugoslavia
while engaged in the long labour of translating 'Chiron and the Healing Journey'
into the Serbian language.

The 1993 Conjunctions Of Uranus And Neptune

Where were you in the Hidden Revolution? An article by Melanie Reinhart and Darby Costello.

Until March 2011, when Uranus moves into Aries, Uranus and Neptune continue to be in mutual reception
(in each others' signs): this articles evokes and describes the blend of their energies
.... and the themes they represent are more relevant now than ever.

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