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Healing Resources

Some UK-based and also international resources

which have inspired, accompanied or helped me on my journey.

May they also be useful for you. **

The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary
This work follows in the footsteps of Harry Edwards, one of the most renowned ever healers in the UK. A healing resource for yourself, family and friends in times of suffering physical illness or psychological crisis. Donation based. Request distant healing on-line, by letter or phone. Better still - go there. Highly recommended.

Heaven on Earth Herbals UK

Caroline Evans is a master herbalist, nutritionist, naturopath and iridologist, offering peronal consultations, an educational programme and an online shop. She grows and harvests her own herbs, and handmakes her own herbal tinctures, creams and teas. See her YouTube channel and read her book "Discovering the Herbs of Spring" for inspiration on how to orient your own healing to the magical world of herbs, and support your health in these times of stress and change. Highly recommended.


The Medicclinic, Bedford UK - FOR IV DRIPS OF HI-DOSE VITAMIN C
[for immune boost and 'flu' prevention]

Unique private clinic staffed by a team of dedicated, kindly, and open-minded medical doctors with a broad range of specialist skills. They offer many services including medical tests - blood tests, scans, etc. AND custom IV drips of hi-dose Vitamin C plus various additions like glutathione, Vitamin B. A one-stop way of getting your medical needs met. Highly recommended.


Dr. Elmar Jung: holistic dentistry

A rare creature - a naturopath and proper holistic dentist! Medical ultrasound Cavtitau diagnosis, comprehensive range of treatments including safe removal of amalgam fillings (IAOMT protocol). Read his book, listen to his podcasts Elmar's Tooth Talk, see his YouTube channel. (Located in Southampton, UK.) Highly recommended.


Healing Sick Houses

Dowsing and spiritual healing for a happy, healthy home. Helen Weldon has taken over the healing practice of Roy and Ann Procter, authors of the book "Healing Sick Houses", now that they have retired. Specialising in diagnosis and healing of multiple forms of geopathic stress. Work can be done 'at distance'.


Holographic Breathing  
Facilitated by Martin Jones, this could be one of the most powerful and yet the simplest self-healing processes you'll ever learn. Holographic breathing works across all levels, and can be helpful for a wide range of afflictions. Personal tuition and online webinar groups available, and the website offers many free downloads to support your learning and healing. Highly recommended.

Lyme Disease

Read Laila Wold's story of her healing. Follow the links to find much encouraging, useful information.

Julie Krausz - Active Birth, Yogabirth, Birthlight Julie has been teaching and supporting women during the childbearing year for over 25 years, encouraging women to listen to their deepest instincts. Pregnancy yoga, post-natal yoga, birth preparation, breastfeeding preparation and support, group and private classes available.


Sophia Smith Therapies

Reflexologist, doula, spiritual healer. London and East Sussex. Specialising in fertility issues, pregnancy, birth and post-partum. But offers beautiful treatments for anyone. Highly recommended.

Silent Retreats: Gaia House
Retreats are designed for beginners or experienced meditators, and are held in silence. Founded in 1984, Gaia House is a non-affiliated retreat centre in the UK which offers guidance in different meditative disciplines from within the Buddhist tradition. Programmes feature a variety of visiting teachers.

London Insight Meditation
Teachers from Gaia House offer one-day and weekend programmes, also evening classes. Mostly London, but other UK venues too.
MP3s of teachings available to download, or listen on-line.

Psychosynthesis and Kabbalah
For personal and spiritual development. The website of Will Parfitt. Downloadable and unique tarot deck, thoughtful articles, information about courses, including distance learning, and more ... Click here to see him on YouTube.

The Open Centre: group and individual psychotherapy
One of the longest running centres in London (est. 1977), specializing in body oriented psychotherapies: Feldenkrais, Bioenergetics, Primal Integration, Transactional Analysis. Groups and individual sessions.

Gerson Therapy 
Dr. Max Gerson discovered a cure for cancer, and many people are now alive who were given a terminal prognosis by orthodox medicine. Yet the practice of this therapy is still illegal in some places ... click here to watch the video 'The Gerson Miracle'.

Ayurvedic Medicine, UK  
Contact the Acuvedic Clinic, UK, the practice of Dr. Shanta Godagama and his daughter Sumudu Godagama for uplifting, healing and effective treatments - acupuncture and a variety of traditional Ayurvedic techniques, including Panchakarma.

Amrta Siddhi Ayurvedic Clinic, Bali 
Contact Amrta Siddhi for a variety of residential de-tox retreats, from just a few days to a full 21 day Panchakarma cleanse - or longer if you've been very ill. A full range of Ayurvedic treatments, supervised by a wonderful team of fully qualified Ayurvedic doctors and Balinese assistants.



** A friendly disclaimer: all resources mentioned above, or on any page on this site, are offered in the spirit of sharing what has benefited me, or what I've heard about at first hand as having been helpful to others, but my personal endorsement should not be construed as any form of guarantee.

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