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The 1993 Conjunctions Of Uranus And Neptune

by Melanie Reinhart and Darby Costello

Where are you in the Hidden Revolution?

In astrology, the outer planets beyond Saturn represent large-scale collective changes, which both work through and also affect each person within that collective. These planets also signal far-reaching shifts in individual consciousness, which in turn express themselves in new ideas, hopes and visions that sow the seeds for future social forms. Two of the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, were within orb of conjunction during the period 1989 - 1998, with marked intensification during 1993. This phenomenon is of major interest, and this article explores its process within the impersonal collective, and also considers its meaning from the individual and transpersonal perspective. (1) We shall begin by looking at Uranus and Neptune separately. (See here for more material on Uranus/Neptune.)

URANUS: The Awakener

Uranus is the planet which reflects revolution, disruption, breakthrough and change. It needed modem technology to be discovered in 1781, as it is not visible to the naked eye. The invisible systems of telecommunication round the Earth and beyond are a Uranian manifestation, an expression of inter-connection and interdependency. This planet is associated with the individualistic spirit within humanity, with groups, organisations and networks in which like-minded people seek to share information and work towards realising common hopes, dreams and aspirations. Its transpersonal quality is awakening, illumination, insight, clarity and higher understanding which can provide powerful motivation for creative change in individual life. However, when new ideas or energy are introduced into any established system, the system may need to be fragmented or even destroyed. This fragmentation allows space for the life force to flow again, and the old pieces can eventually be reassembled into a new order, corresponding to a new set of ideas. Thus Uranus often accompanies changes which are sudden, unexpected, shocking and electrifying.

NEPTUNE: The Dissolver

By contrast, Neptune heralds change by dissolution, loosening, weakening, and blurring the edges of defined boundaries. It works an invisible disintegration, progressively eroding a structure until it collapses of its own momentum, usually amidst much chaos, confusion, sorrow and fear. Its highest potential is to wash away impurities, to redeem and let go of the past through forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Neptune symbolises our yearning for a personally felt connection with all life. Thus Neptune's realm feels dangerous to our self-preservation instinct, wearing away everything that tries to hold its individual shape, whether it be our bodies, worn down by age, or our ideals, worn down by experience. Indeed, in the natural course of events our very life force will eventually dissolve and be rendered into spiritual fodder for the generations that follow.

CAPRICORN: Establishing forms

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune is occurring astrologically in the powerful earth sign of Capricorn, which shows the field of life experience where these changes focus or precipitate. Capricorn represents tradition, structures built in the past, the Establishment, and the large government, social and economic systems, which define the outer world in which we live - those things we take for granted.

The changes currently taking place worldwide in these areas are breathtaking. We cannot open a newspaper or turn on the television without seeing graphic examples of once solid structures being disrupted and dissolved. Chaos, suffering and fragmentation seem to be the order of the day, as everything from the N.H.S. to the Russian Empire is being thrown into disarray. But, where Neptune is involved, things may not always be what they seem. A higher purpose may be at work, and Uranus demands the awakening of the individualised mind out of the sea of the collective. To quote Antero Alii, "The messages we get from television, radio, newspapers... are so crossed and confused that if you don't start thinking for yourselves, you'll be woven into the social fabric of a great dying beast..." (2).

SATURN: Where the work lies

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which represents our relationship to and responsibility within the larger collective structures as described. At a personal level, Saturn encapsulates our psychological infrastructures: inherited emotional habit patterns and expectations, the crystallised past, our family heritage, our very body substance: that which we cling to in order to define who we are and our place in the world. Saturn symbolises the background limitations and conditioning we must struggle with in order to free our individual spirit. However, it is also the principle of structuring, ordering, creating boundaries and appropriate limitations to achieve stability in the outer and inner world. Without Saturn's sense of realism nothing takes form, everything remains unmanifest. Saturn's work is to balance, discriminate and contain the flux of life in order to shape something real, tangible.

Thus Saturn shows us what structures and containers will be forming to mediate, channel and express the powerful Uranus/Neptune energies, and perhaps points to where our individual work lies. Saturn moved into Aquarius in February 1991 and remains there until January 1994, so let us look at what this might offer us.

Responding to the call of Saturn in Aquarius means there is work to be done by the individual in relation to groups, networks and associations concerned with putting new ideas into form and expanding consciousness. Those who come together in networks of like-mindedness may have a better chance of working for change rather than being in effect of it. Group allegiance at this time is not herd instinct or conformity, but rather people spontaneously coming together for a shared purpose or intention. When the purpose is fulfilled, the group will naturally disband, and the participants may then regroup in other ways.

In the Aquarian group, resources are accessed and information exchanged through networking, rather than via a centralised Capricornian authority structure. Saturn in Aquarius may also symbolise the challenge to refine and consolidate our ideals and take a serious look at our beliefs. Where are you a victim of groupthink? Where have you betrayed yourself through not recognising the difference between your ideals and the limitations of manifest reality? Or, have you dismissed the inspiration of your once cherished ideals? To quote Sufi Inayat Khan: "The path of freedom lead to captivity; it is the path of discipline which leads to the goal of liberty". (3)


At this time of accelerated global change, it may be important to remember that each of us within the microcosm of our individual lives is undergoing a process of irrevocable change. The awakening spoken of by many people, past and present, is indeed happening now. It is not a once-and-for-all event to occur at a specific future time, although the forthcoming Uranus/Neptune conjunctions will see periods of intensification. The 'old order' is also dying at a deeply personal level, as our psychological and karmic structures are opened to the fresh awareness and insight symbolised by the Uranus/ Neptune conjunctions.

Thus, if we are not to melt into the morass of general insecurity, chaos and mass change, we need to pay close attention to our own body, emotions and mind which are the vehicle for our individual participation in life, expressing the karmic necessity of the soul. Our own past may need the redeeming forgiveness symbolised by Neptune, and the illumination of the larger Uranian perspective. While structures are being dissolved and broken on every level from collective to personal, there is an increased access to the subtle dimensions of energy which interpenetrate the physical. These are also the province of the outer planets.


Although most people who will read this article are not living on the front line of mass starvation, violent political revolution or natural disaster, we are all participating in a global and perhaps cosmic process of change, whether we acknowledge it or not. We live with increasing levels of insecurity, and must embrace change at many different levels. Perhaps the message of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction is that we cannot afford to draw our security from forms and structures which are crumbling, and although we may have to endure periods of chaos and fear, we also now have the opportunity to move beyond confusion to a deeper connection with ourselves, and eventually to express this in the creation of new personal and social structures.(4)


1)  Each person's relationship to the material in this article will depend on how his or her individual horoscope is stimulated by the Uranus/Neptune conjunctions, and the transit of Saturn.
2)  "Angel Tech", by Antero Alli, New Falcon Publications, Arizona, 1991, p.29
3)  "Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan", by Hazrat Inayat Khan, Barrie And Jenkins, London 1960, p.102.
4)  The next hard aspect between Uranus and Neptune [a semi-square] occured in 2019, shortly before Saturn entered Aquarius 2020-21, the Saturn Return of the period of time discussed in this article. Note: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 21.1.2020 occured in the very same degree area as the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction!! [This note added 19th January 2021.]

Darby Costello www.darbycostello.com
took a degree in Psychology and Philosophy before studying astrology at the New England School of Astrology in the late 1960's. Moving to Southern Africa in 1971, she studied with Adrian Boshier the work of the tribal priests and healers. At the same time she built up an extensive astrological practice, which she now maintains in London.

From 1991 to 1994 Darby and Melanie combined their talents in giving residential summer programmes of experiential workshops, which focused on personal alignment with current planetary patterns.

© Reinhart and Costello 1992. First published in "Global Link Up" Dec92/Jan93.


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