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During the next 3 weeks or so, a complete Star of David can be seen in the celestial patterning of the planets' positions. Its most exact configuration occurs on November 8th, although it stays within formation until after November 23rd. If one includes the Nodal Axis, the pattern was almost in place by the recent New Moon (October 25th), and already resonating by Samhain (November 1st).

Chart I offer here some reflections on the energies depicted in this beautiful hexagram, and would encourage you to take time through meditation and contemplation to attune for yourself and see what arises. The meaning specifically personal to you will surface, given time and intent, and many people find this inner process has more value than abstraction or speculation. This attention to the movements within the soul can benefit your own process and all whom your life touches in thought, feeling or deed. The whole Earth is involved in this pattern, and we can perhaps honour the seeding of the new. Also, we may see coming to fruition the themes and threads in our life that relate back 7 years (see below for further information).


The six-pointed star pattern comprises two interlocking triangles, evenly spaced, and thus involving alternate signs of the 12 zodiacal signs. Twelve is traditionally a solar number. We have 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 major strands of DNA, and so on. The Sun is related to the heart, being the centre of the solar system as the heart is to the physical body. Indeed the circulation of the magnetosphere of the Sun bears a resemblance to the blood flowing through the ventricles of the heart. This hexagonal figure may therefore be related to the heart chakra, the central chakra within the traditional seven-fold system, balancing the 3 chakras above and 3 below respectively. In the Star of David pattern the heart would be centrally placed in the middle of the two triangles.

The 'above' is related to the 'below', as in the Hermetic maxim. Of course, the 'above' is not only 'The Heavens' with 'The Earth' as 'below', but we have here a reference to the sacred exchange of energy between different levels of consciousness and awareness which itself is the very alchemy of transformation. A triangle is a dynamic figure, which can be seen to funnel or channel energy in one direction, but resting on a stable base. In numerological symbolism, the duality, conflict or stasis of two-ness resolves into action when a third vantage point is added. In the Six-pointed Star figure, whichever way you look at it, both the 'up' and the 'down' are configured equally. Indeed it symbolises the harmonising of opposites, a process of completion and complementarity, which reflects stability and peace. Yin and Yang, up and down, left and right lie evenly in small triangles nested around a hexagon, a six-sided figure reminiscent of the Oracle of Changes whose coins or yarrow sticks are thrown six times in order to request divination, the patterns of which are called 'hexagrams'. (From the Greek word 'hex' which means 'six'.)



If the North Node in Taurus is included, because this pattern is made up of some slower moving bodies, it lasts from about now, until just after the Solar Eclipse. There are two points in time when the pattern is rather precise: Saturday evening November 8th. (21.00 22.30hr GMT) THE MAIN ONE.
November 22nd and 23rd. (15.00 Saturday 4.30am Sunday GMT) (No planet on the Taurus point, but North Node is there.)

The day after each precise formation, there is an eclipse:
A Lunar Eclipse, which reaches maximum at 1.13am GMT on November 8th
A Solar Eclipse at 22.59hr on November 23rd (visible at totality only at about 55s/87e in the sea off Antarctica, and some partial visibility across Australia).

The involvement of the two eclipses suggests that this is an auspicious time for acknowledging closure, fulfilment and endings. The ties that bind us into unresolved emotional situations weaken and release, as we are granted deeper understanding. Forgiveness is possible. Old resentments, hostilities, jealousies and rivalries are exposed and can perhaps be laid to rest as our armouring is dissolved. Here I am speaking of the possibilities within the individual human soul. What we may see reflected in the world at large might not appear this way. Eclipses strongly favour the inner process of self-purification through awareness and compassion. Indeed, they are considered in some traditions to facilitate the possibility of a deeper inner union of the Soul with its Source in God, or the Absolute. (See below) For this to occur, our inner space needs to be protected and sanctified to allow the working of the deep energies moving within the cosmos. Eclipses can only happen when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned very precisely, and thus the metaphor of personal 'alignment' with one's own vitality, energy and destiny also applies.

A Previous Celestial Hexagram 1996/7

During late 1996 and early 1997, there was a sequence of Star of David patterns. Because not all points of the star formation were occupied by planets, it did not receive much attention within the astrological world. The pattern's completion required a transiting angle to be involved, and so was very fleeting, although recurring several times. However, near the last one, a minor planet eventually named Chariclo was discovered. In mythology she was the wife of Chiron, the Centaur who was wise man and healer, although wounded himself. Incredibly, this small body was discovered exactly on one of the empty points, almost as if she waited until that moment to emerge into view and complete this particular celestial hexagram! (14.2.1997) Chiron lived in a cave on Mount Pelion, we are told, and we can perhaps imagine his wife invisibly having a hand in his destiny as the 'Wounded Healer', caring for the carer, or healing the healer. Her qualities include endurance, creativity in adversity, compassion, forbearance, and gentle strength demonstrated in ability to abide with what is true.

The current pattern November 2003

In the current Star of David pattern, one axis comprises an exact opposition of Chiron and Saturn, as if to emphasise the theme of healing implied in the 1997 'star' series. Also, at that time the signs involved were all in the elements of air and fire; now the pattern occupies earth and water signs. Together, then, we have had each sign of the 12 signs of the zodiac involved in the two Star of David patterns, and the seven-year sequence suggests the anchoring, grounding and manifesting of something that was seeded, started, suggested or initiated back in 1996/7. Earth and water are the denser, downward-tending elements. They anchor and ground the energy of air and fire. Inspiration is given form, ideas clarify, and images reveal their meaning. Look back to this time of your life for trails unfollowed, ideas not taken seriously, possibilities dismissed. They may return for reconsideration at this time.


Earth signs - Moon, Jupiter, Chiron

The main pattern (November 8th) shows two complete grand trines. The first one is in the earthy signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The Moon is in exaltation in the sign of Taurus, closely aspecting both Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Capricorn. The combination of these energies suggests to me healing combined with attending to things practical, physical and material. So while we busily cook, clean, wash, rake leaves, do our chores, we may stay tuned for a quality of unmistakeable relief, release and gratitude.

Water signs Saturn, Sun, Mars

Being inwardly quiet and receptive during this time may help us to get in touch with the frozen or blocked areas within our emotional body. The trine of water planets includes Sun, Saturn and Mars. This is a good time to be inwardly exploring difficult emotional situations. What may be revealed, if we can allow, is where we harbour toxic emotional waste, collected up from hurt not felt, tears not cried or the fatigue of trying to resolve the unresolvable. Blame, punishment and vengeance are revealed here, and to heartfully include these feelings within goes a long way to clearing the emotional space between others and ourselves. This combination is uncompromising, relentlessly honest and yet also powerful with gentleness and subtlety. The power of Being asserts itself.


The star pattern comprises 3 axes each with one planet on either end. The two planets themselves form rhythms as they move into exact aspect. Here is some of that information:

Chiron opposite Saturn

The healing of authority issues and suffering associated with feeling scapegoated or abused by 'the system' (school, society, cultural and racial definition etc). Also the legacy of the father is understood more deeply, and the 'Tyrant Within' may be located and unseated, as a prelude to deeper healing. Psychologically, the Superego appears more clearly, enabling us to cease the internal criticism and self-punishment which it can activate. Ambition, drive and attachment to attainments, achievements and appearances are challenged. The times below (give about 10 days weeks either side of the dates listed for maximum intensity) may also see the arising of intensely vulnerable states as childhood memories are released in their visceral and physical feeling-state.

This aspect occurs in a sequence of 7 exact oppositions on the following dates:

25 Sep 2003 12Cn25' D 12Cp25' D
24 Oct 2003 13Cn14' D 13Cp14' D
15 Aug 2004 21Cn34' D 21Cp34' R
28 Dec 2004 25Cn13' R 25Cp13' D
21 Jul 2005 00Le37' D 00Aq37' R
20 Feb 2006 06Le03' R 06Aq03' D
20 Jun 2006 09Le02' D 09Aq02' R

Note that the signs involved are Cancer and Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius. The first two signs relate to the brow chakra and the last two to the root chakra (in the traditional Vedic attributions). So we have a picture of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, working at the root chakra, and Saturn working in tandem to consolidate the understanding, vision and insight which is represented by the brow. The sequence of seven oppositions can be to mark the healing energy rising through the charkas one by one. It brings the possibility of our wrong understanding showing itself, as projections and misinterpretations are revealed. This may promote recognition of how 'tribal' issues affect our thinking, distort our connection with and acknowledgement of the deeper truths. Equally, the healing suggested here is not about 'rising above' our human life, but is rather the work of including all levels of our experience and valid and valuable.

Mars opposite Jupiter

20 Nov 2003     15Pi55' D     15Vi55' D

This is a powerfully expansive energy that moves towards acting on vision, being inspired, and giving credence to one's activities, especially those to do with service to others. Indeed, that is the main thrust of this aspect, where the question 'How can I help?' may be a useful contemplation during the week which precedes it. Mars is the warrior, the planet of action, empowerment and doing. However, here it is in the sign of Pisces, where it has been weaving to and fro since June 2003. Here is an opportunity to explore the power of Being rather than Doing, of non-action and non-attachment to the fruits of our labours and endeavours. This is the compassionate action, perhaps a deep internal shift invisible to all but ourselves, but which changes everything. Although this is a subtle Mars, it also evokes motivation form the very deepest level of soul where we recognise that we are One with All. Jupiter in Virgo, while sometimes tempting us to take on too much and get submerged in detail, also feels deep spiritual joy in the ordinary, simple duties and tasks of life. The 'zen' of list making, or the high art of cleaning the floor!

Sun opposite Moon

As mentioned above, there is Lunar Eclipse at maximum at 1.15am GMT on November 9th. At this time the Sun and Moon are in exactly opposite signs of the zodiac, in this case a Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun.

Here is a text from the Sufi tradition about the power of the 'eclipse season' (when 'the Sun is at the Nodes') ..

In astronomy, the dragon relates to the nodes, two diametrically opposed points of intersection between the paths of the Moon and the Sun .. To the mystic, the dragon symbolizes the place of encounter between the Sun and Moon within. The dragon can either devour the Moon, seen symbolically as the mystic's spiritual Heart, or it can serve as the place or contained of conception. By entering the dragon when the sun is at the Nodes, the Moon or Heart conceives. Thus is full consciousness of the perils, one must enter the dragon in order to await the eclipse in its cosmic womb.

(Laleh Bakhtiar, "Sufi - Expressions of the Mystic Quest", Thames & Hudson 1976, p.45)
The Sun may be seen as the Universal Spirit. The Moon represents the Individual Soul, which reflects the light of the Universal, and is illuminated by it.

On another level, the Sun is father; the Moon is Mother, in their archetypal manifestations. The personal psychological material which we work to understand, heal and purify, from our childhood, connects us with these deeper levels, where archetype, symbol and image and vice versa. However, in sensing the energies of an eclipse season, we may allow these forms also to fall away and reveal the bare and splendid simplicity of the union of opposites in the depths of the Soul, recognising its Source.

Three Mystic Rectangles

These pairs of opposites, as mentioned above, also pair up to make three very precise rectangles, called 'Mystic Rectangles' in astrology because they combine the qualities of three aspects in a manner more suggestive of contemplation than action.

The Trine (blue lines 120 degrees of arc) is a flowing and harmonious energy which depending on the nature of the planets involved can result in a sense of ease, relaxation and openness. It is an aspect lending itself to Being rather than Doing.

The Sextile (green lines - 60 degrees of arc) is a very creative aspect, often marking out definite gifts in a chart. There is more of a sense of pace, activity and a desire to work for balanced action.

The Opposition (orange lines - 180 degrees of arc). This is the largest aspect possible, linking the points diametrically opposite in zodiac terms. However, the elements will always be compatible. Hence the keyword is 'Awareness', like two people approaching each other where each is fully visible to the other, and expressing a welcoming and kindly demeanour. Opposition as conflict or oscillation between opposites is sometimes the way we cultivate awareness.

Contemplative Fun

From the word list below, and of course adding your own if you'd like to, you might have some contemplative fun making combinations as you contemplate the chart. For example, choose a word, or a few separate words that you feel best describe each planet, and then create a 'haiku' style short poem. Change the words as little as possible, and add as few as possible in order to make it flow.

  1. The three oppositions as described above:


  2. Combining the three pairs into three rectangles will give us the following:


  3. And the two triangles mentioned above comprise the following:


Here are some words to use, and you may know other appropriate ones from your own knowledge of astrology. The list could be very long, but here's a sampling:

Chiron = healing, suffering, wounding, conscious path working, philosophical independence
Saturn = experience, restriction, long time, authority, ageing, maturing
Moon = reflection, receptivity, flowing, cyclic, waxing, waning, ever-changing, mysterious

Sun = radiance, warmth, heart, heat, centre, fire, unity, focus, integration, joy
Mars = warrior, agency, service, action, doing, reacting, intending, empowerment
Jupiter = faith, mission, expansion, wanderer, wisdom, guidance, intuition, inclusiveness


Have fun!


This period of exceptional planetary activity occurs during the time between Samhain, the ancient Celtic Festival that is the precursor of Halloween, and the Winter Solstice (in northern hemisphere). During these weeks, the amount of outer light decreases until the turning point just before Christmas. The Celtic New Year occurs at Samhain, in wise acknowledgement that all new beginnings take place in the protected space of darkness. This year we truly have a 'Star in the Darkness' to lead us to the inner birth of the heartful self. ++

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