14.2.2013: Oscar Pistorius shoots his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp




Initial notes written on 21.2.2013, during the bail hearing

Updated as the trial progressed

(This article turned into a sort of 'astro-forensic  news blog' of events unfolding)

For archived live coverage - blog and Tweets from CNN, click here.

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These notes offer an exploration of the 'Event Chart' of the beginning of the original bail hearing,

followed by further charts and astrological comment, as the situation unfolds.


This article is intended intended to engage your curiosity, your compassion and your thoughtfulness about the collective and personal issues embedded in the astrology of this tragedy, although we may never know
the full truth of 'what really happened' ...


You are invited to stay conscious as you read this, notice your reactions, feelings, thoughts and fantasies.

And to breathe out healing to all concerned as you read.


May the Light of Healing shine on all who are touched by this tragedy.




In the early hours of Valentine's Day, February 14th, at 3.20am EET, in Pretoria, South Africa, the 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius, darling of the 2012 London Olympics, called security at his gated residence. He also called Netsafe 911, a private company offering  'pre-hospital risk management and emergency assistance'. He had shot his girl-friend, model Reeva Steenkamp, and she was dead by the time the paramedics arrived. Pistorius was arrested on murder charges, appearing before a Magistrate the following day. His bail hearing was set for Tuesday February 19th at 9.00am. Bail would only be granted in the case of 'exceptional circumstances' given that the charge was 'pre-meditated murder'.


Let us look at the astrology of the start of this bail hearing event for portents of the outcome.


Chart One:

19.2.2013; 09.00; Pretoria




The Prosecution


Starting with traditional symbolism, we see the prosecution represented by the Aries Ascendant, and Mars, the ruler, in the 12th house in Pisces. Confusion and deception are suggested, and this was borne out by the fact that the chief Investigating Officer of the South African Police (Botha) who was first on the crime scene, has this morning (21.2.2013) been sent away from the court, relieved of his duties. A charge of attempted murder which he (Botha) is facing was reinstated earlier in February 2013, a fact of which the Magistrate was apparently unaware. The 12th house is the 'house of hidden influences' ... the symbolism is already speaking.


The Defendant


Pistorius is here represented by the Libra Descendant, a poignant reminder of the date of the killing – Valentine's Day. Pistorius is placed in the 11th house, as Venus in Aquarius, and this reflects the high degree of support he has been receiving from friends and well-wishers. The Moon in Gemini rules the Cancerian IC or 'end of the matter', and the last aspect it makes before going Void of Course is a trine to this Venus, suggesting that the Magistrate (Nair) will probably rule in favour of Pistorius and grant bail. (The alternative is months in jail, awaiting trial proceedings.)


But see below … the first aspect the Moon makes is a square to Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house. Media scrum, lies, misinformation are in the way. This Venus also rules the 2nd house, which associates with the witnesses ('resources') for the prosecution. Evidence from witnesses which was offered yesterday by the prosecution has been largely discredited under cross-examination by the defence (Roux). This obviously worked in favour of Pistorius and his legal team. In tandem with this, the confusion generated by inconsistencies in Botha's evidence, biased strongly towards the prosecution's case (8th house cusp ruler, Mars, in Pisces in the 12th house) has had the same impact. The 'resources' of the defendant (Pistorius) are represented by the 8th house, ruled by this Mars, and a stationary Saturn sits in this house. Delays have already occurred, and look to continue. At 11.03am GMT on 21.2.2013, the Magistrate stated that the proceedings would continue on into yet another day. More delay. [Note added 2.3.2013 - with Venus as ruler of the 2nd house, see update below on the theme of money.]


The Magistrate


The Magistrate himself is here represented by Saturn, ruler of the 10th. Traditionally, it is said that if Saturn is the judge (here, magistrate or authority), this indicates corruption, or that the judgement is not sound, or not as it should be for justice to take place. Here, Saturn is in the 8th house ('resources' of the defendant, Pistorius), stationary and in mutual reception with Pluto. Does this mean that he is somehow 'in Pistorius' pocket'? (This accusation has already been levelled in the blogosphere) Or does this indicate an ill wind (Saturn) which will blow some good for Pistorius, with the Magistrate's help? Or is it just plain bad news all round? (Click here for note added 26.2.2013)


Additional Symbolism


Looking now at the additional symbolism, we see Uranus in the 12th house, but conjunct the Ascendant. At the time of writing (11.33 GMT 21.2.2013) the court proceedings are in recess, re-grouping after the revelation about Botha's murder charges. We know to 'expect the unexpected' when Uranus is around, here in the house of 'hidden influences', and this symbolism has been borne out. A hidden murder charge has just surfaced, perhaps explaining why Botha made statements about his belief in Pistorius' guilt on the back of sloppy evidence, assumptions and wrong information.


Pluto is in the 9th house, very closely conjunct the MC in Capricorn, here suggesting the general discrediting of the legal process through this omission. Articles reporting this event have taken a wider view, claiming that it is the violent society of South African which is on trial, as well as the issue of male violence towards women. Berthold Brecht's words, 'Unhappy is the land which needs heroes', quoted at the end of one such an article, hold true not just for South Africa, but for the whole celebrity/hero-obsessed world we inhabit. Pistorius has natal Pluto exactly conjunct his Scorpio MC, and indeed the ripples from this event of spectacular demise will swell out wider than his individual life as various accusations come his way, although as yet unproven. The door to the Underworld, 'guarded' by Pluto has truly opened in the full glare of the international media machine whose cameras and Twitter-feeds are relentlessly and obsessively focused on Pistorius. Allegations of prior violence, possible maltreatment of previous girl-friend, a shooting accident, an assault charge, and abuse of performance-enhancing drugs all swirl around the Fallen Hero who weeps openly in court.


Trial by Media


This is truly 'trial by media' and in three days, the high volume of wrong information, mis-quotes, mistakes and biased assumptions already circulating online and in other media cannot but raise curiosity, if not outright scepticism, as to how the eventual trial proceedings could ever be fair. This is also trial without jury. In South Africa, jury trials were abolished in 1969 for various complex reasons. Interestingly, yesterday (20.2.2013), an entire jury was dismissed in the UK, the judge having given up on them in exasperation. The questions they had asked him were astounding in their lack of basic understanding of the legal process. So here in the UK, 'trial by jury' which features strongly in the British Legal System is shown to be failing, its jurors publicly demonstrated as inadequate to the task before them. While a few thousand miles away, in Pretoria, any thinking person must be wondering how justice can be served by the prevailing legal structure in this case. Jupiter is truly showing itself in detriment, as some observe that it is the South African legal system which is also on trial. There are rumours even now that there will be litigation filed on the back of some of the reportage. Maybe the tables will turn (Mercury turns Retrograde on 23.2.2013) and the media itself will be 'on trial'.


The Moon and Mercury


Back to the Moon. The Moon's prior aspect was a square to Mars in the 12th house, poignantly symbolizing the hidden violence now erupting into public view through the media. The next aspect made by the Moon is a square to its ruler, Mercury, placed in the 12th house and in Pisces. Given that this Moon represents the 'end of the matter', it neatly symbolizes the 'obstruction' represented by the media frenzy (Moon in the 3rd). Revelations about Botha's murder charge, plus a spontaneous statement by a woman who spoke up in court expressing concern about Pistorius' mental state, all point to the dominant influence of the weakly placed Moon in Gemini (Chart One), symbolizing the interferences and obstructions which have arisen, ruled by Mercury in detriment in the 12th house – 'reason' is imprisoned by confusion and 'hidden influences'. This Mercury is slowing down to go Retrograde on 23.2.2013 at 09.41 GMT. Given that it rules the 3rd house (media) this might indicate a 'turning of the tide' in public opinion. At any rate, if the bail hearing does conclude tomorrow (22.2.2013), it will do so under the energy of a 'standstill'. Click here for more on Mercury theme ...


Another Mercury theme is the significance of the mobile phones found at the crime scene. There were four phones found, and thus far the evidence states that none of them had been used, although two were found in the bathroom. The phone used by Pistorius to make calls for help was not confiscated by the police. There has also been speculation about messages allegedly received on Steenkamp's iPad, found on the floor of Pistorius' home.


The woman who spoke up (at 11.25 EET on 21.2.2013) was told that her interjection would not serve the cause of justice, and that she should take her appeal to the high court. 'Messenger of the Gods' (Mercury) dismissed?


Here is the chart for that moment:

Chart Two: Woman speaks up

21.2.2013; 11.25 EET; Pretoria






The Moon (woman) is close to the 3rd house cusp – speaking up. She is immediately applying to trine Saturn in the 6th house, ruler of the MC, here the Magistrate. Although he let her speak, he also ignored the content of what she had to say. Dignified though the Moon is in Cancer, she proved no match for Saturn, backed up by a mutual reception with Pluto, and moving very slowly, having been stationary on the day the bail hearing started. Venus rules the Ascendant, and here the woman (Venus) is applying to a conjunction with Nessus, in the 10th house.


See below for more thoughts on Nessus, a.k.a 'The Buck Stops Here'…




Sun and Neptune


Returning again to the chart of the beginning of the hearing (Chart One), we see the Sun heading into a conjunction with Neptune, not auguring well for the administering of justice, but amply symbolising the tidal wave of collective mixed feelings which has been evoked by this case, as well the confusion surrounding it. The boundary-less quality of Neptune has been expressed in the fact that what started out as a 'simple' hearing to determine whether or not bail should be granted quickly turned into a chaotic, confusing 'mock-trial' in which many elements have been revealed (or not revealed), well and truly muddying the waters. The 11th house in trial charts symbolizes 'freedom', but in this case, even if Pistorius is granted the relative freedom of bail versus jail at the end of this hearing, it would be an illusory (Neptune) kind of freedom at best, with no guarantee that the interests of justice will be served at the forthcoming trial.


At 13.30 GMT on 21.2.2013, the Prosecution makes reference to the fact that Pistorius is alleged to have said that he would stand trial 'should there be one'. The Magistrate further claims that Pistorius does not realize the seriousness of what he has done, and that he expects his life will just continue as before. Understandably, Pistorius is in shock and denial but worryingly, his role as potential 'sacrificial lamb' is also suggested here. Certainly he will continue to be a celebrity, albeit infamous rather than famous, but almost definitely glamorous all through. Neptune again ...


The Centaurs - Nessus and Hylonome


At the time of the shooting, the Sun was applying to a conjunction with the Minor Planet Nessus, exact at 08.20 EET on 14.2.2013. [See below for chart and comment.] This small object acts like an agent or emissary of Pluto's domain, the Underworld, and signifies the coming to light, resolution and transcendence of treachery, violence, jealousy and vengeance. Certainly, Pistorius stands accused of all the above, at least in 'public opinion'.. The involvement of Nessus often indicates issues 'bigger than the individual', and here this is poignantly represented by the fact that Reeva Steenkamp was known to have suffered a previous abusive relationship with a man, and to be a passionate advocate of women's issues. The very day this tragedy occurred saw the global 'One Billion Rising' event, where women everywhere were encouraged to speak out against male violence against women. 'Wear Black on Thursday' was the slogan which united women around the world, the very day the autopsy was being performed on Reeva Steenkamp's body, when Pistorius came before the Magistrate for the first time. One of the final Tweets she received was 'WEAR BLACK ON FRIDAY'. The irony is almost unbearable - she was already dead on Friday.


Additionally, in Greek mythology, Nessus was the Centaur indirectly responsible for the death of Hercules, the archetypal hero. The broken idealizations surrounding Pistorius have resulted in an engulfing sense of betrayal and disappointment in the collective mind-field of South Africa, and the global sporting world, particularly Paralympic sport. Given the addiction to the heroic which characterizes contemporary culture, one wonders whether 'lessons will be learned' or whether commercial vested interests will continue to prop up and inflate personal excellence into the toxic and destructive phenomenon that it has become. The phrase which often best sums up the Nessus process is 'The buck stops here', and I am left wondering in curiosity tinged with melancholy what is the 'buck' that needs to be stopped in this situation, wound as it is so tightly with the threads of history and culture, gender and race issues, and providing a sobering reflection of the world we inhabit.


Nessus also concerns 'bargains with the dead'. One can but wonder what was going through the mind and heart of Pistorius to have said such a thing…. 'should there be one'. We are seeing a traumatised and dissociated state develop over the many hours, now days, of court proceedings, and one can imagine his inner world to be a virtual kaleidoscope of horror. In the chart of Pistorius, the Minor Planet Hylonome sits at 26°54' of the sign of Leo, very close to Steenkamp's Leo Sun at 25°51 (noon; 19.8.83). This KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) references the story of a (rare) female centaur called Hylonome, who was so distraught when her centaur lover was killed in a battle, that she fell on his sword, not wanting to live without him. The theme is one of uncountenanceable grief, and the reactive destructiveness that can follow: we create more loss for ourselves or others rather than endure the vulnerability of feeling the mourning process after a loss and separation from a loved one,  by death or other means.  We lash out in a fury of grief, at ourselves or another. We self-harm, or turn on others. Hylonome has a certain association with suicide, literal or metaphorical, where the lethal surge of energy turned against ourselves is actually an expression of a grief that we know no other way to express because we don't even know 'what it is'. We have no collective permission to honour our emotional truths, and so they possess us in their most distorted and displaced forms.


In the chart for the start of the bail hearing, Hylonome sits at 24°12' Sagittarius conjunct the Centaurs Pholus (21°55) and Chariklo (19°08') respectively. Additionally, the mother of Pistorius was born with Sun, Nessus and Hylonome all conjunct in late Taurus, squaring these degrees. One can but wonder what ancestral scenario of extreme grief, suicide and catastrophic loss might be cascading down the generations here, providing a compelling story-line with which many thousands, if not millions, of people will be identifying over the weeks, months and perhaps even years to come.


I am reminded of the phrase 'Hush Inanna, the ways of the Underworld are perfect and must not be questioned'. [1] In other words, we are required to humbly submit to the 'ways of the Underworld' and not have the hubris to think we know better.  This would be to adopt a heroic stance and to steel ourselves against our feelings while assuming a strained 'positive' view of things. There was a time when the condition of Melancholy was highly valued; it was understood that this sombre state was one which facilitated the highest philosophical insights. Today, the mere hint of such a thing provokes fear sufficient to drive people en masse into the arms of Mamma Big Pharma, lining her pockets nicely with the purchase of billions of dollars-worth of mind-numbing and toxic 'mood-altering' chemicals. These have already been proven to be a factor in the various mass shootings which currently bedevil society in the USA and elsewhere. There has been confusion surrounding the discovery of a 'non-banned' form of 'herbal testosterone' in Pistorius' home, and forensic investigation is not yet complete at the time of writing. Neptune rules?



Live News Feeds 21.2.2013


12.38 GMT 21.2.2013: Court suddenly adjourned and emptied because of a 'threat outside'. The Magistrate had apparently acted on a tip-off whispered by his body-guard. Security reports nothing amiss and proceedings resume at 12.46 GMT. During these few minutes, the transiting MC passed the exact degree and minute of the Aries Ascendant of Chart One above, representing the Prosecution. Did they have something to do with this 'false alarm'? 'Proving' how dangerous Pistorius might be if 'on the loose' on bail, so needing 'protection' from the rage of the people? (Maybe ... at 13.01 GMT, Magistrate questions whether his release on bail would provoke public outrage.)


12.51 GMT: The very phrase 'passing the buck' is Tweeted, (as I am writing the paragraph above!), here referring to the fact that a friend of Pistorius 'took the rap' for a shot accidentally fired by Pistorius, in a restaurant. No charges were brought in this incident, but it is used by the Prosecution to imply that Pistorius is the kind of man who arranges for others to take the blame for what he does. He 'passes the buck', in other words. Nessus comes to mind ...


Roux, the defence lawyer of Pistorius, informs a journalist that he didn't question Botha in public about his own murder charges, as he considered it not relevant to the case. This 'sideways revelation' to a journalist known to be covering the situation in detail on Twitter, is greeted with a flurry of approving Tweets. Roux has become the 'good guy'. He is 'working the crowds'? Roux is signified in the 9th house, here ruled by Jupiter in detriment. But as this house also contains Pluto, one wonders what 'dark strings' he might yet be pulling. Later, the Prosecution goes over and over the same ground, trying to cast doubt on Pistorius' version of events. Considering that this is not a trial, but a bail hearing, there is already an astonishing amount of discussion that has taken place on matters which have questionable bearing on the issue of whether or not bail should be granted.  The boundary-less-ness of Neptune is expressing itself strongly.


 At 14.23 GMT today (21.2.2013) news comes through that a new lead investigator has been appointed,

and that the case will 'receive attention at the national level'.






Here are some additional charts. See below for source of data for Oscar Pistorius. Thematically the chart 'works' and perhaps the unfolding transits will help to verify or fine-tune the time. [2] The time for the shooting is taken from numerous websites which quote the exact time of the call made to Netsafe and the compound's security - the time is obviously after the shooting itself, but does represent the moment when 'the event broke surface'. Note that at 02.55am, Uranus was conjunct the IC, and three Centaurs were in the 12th house; this seems a likely time for the actual shooting, although this information will never be known. However the time of 03.20 is the first verifiable time we have to work with.


  1. OSCAR PISTORIUS:  22.11.1986; 10.30 EET; Pretoria
  2. REEVA STEENKAMP: 19.8.1983
  3. MOTHER PISTORIUS: 8.5.1958
  4. RIP MOTHER PISTORIUS: 6.3. 2002
  5. PISTORIUS – CALL TO SECURITY:  14.2.2013; 03.20; Pretoria


In the five-wheel chart below (Chart Three), the order is the same as the list above, with Pistorius in the centre.

Look for the following links and connections:


          • 25° - 27° of the Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
          • 4° - 5° of the Mutable Signs: Virgo and Sagittarius
          • Other pairs of planets in the very same degree of their respective signs



UPDATE 22.2.2013


It has just been announced (09.57 GMT) that the Magistrate's decision will be given at 14.30 EET (local time Pretoria).


Let's look ahead at the chart to this moment:

(Chart Four)




Ruler of the 4th house (the 'End of the Matter) and also the 11th house (freedom, in this case 'relative freedom') is Venus in the 8th house (of loss), applying to a conjunction with Nessus. The Moon's South Node sits in the 11th - the 'Dragon's Tail'. Here, Pistorius is again represented by the Descendant, ruled by Jupiter in the 12th house of 'imprisonment' which in reality is assured, with or without bail being granted. The Prosecution is represented by a stationary Mercury in Pisces (intercepted) in the 9th house, suggesting that perhaps the Magistrate will bow to the 'collective pressures' of the Aquarian/Saturn rulership of the 9th house. (But see mention of Uranus, below). Earlier discussion made it clear that the judiciary would be keen to be seen to be taking seriously the violence against women recently spotlighted by a horrific case of gang-rape in South Africa.

And just TODAY, another one ...

Click here for essay on this issue

(Adam Haupt, The Guardian, UK)

And here for more shocking statistics


Opinion 'on the ground' seems to favour the outcome of Pistorius being granted bail. Note, however, that Uranus is the 'most elevated planet', only a couple of degrees off exactly conjunct the MC, representing the Magistrate (10th house = judge, authority). There could still be surprises .....


Nessus (Pistorius) 5°07' Virgo - 'Buck Stops Here'

Venus (Steenkamp) - in fall in Virgo 4°52' Rx (noon position)

Orcus (4°04' Rx Virgo on 22.2.2013, above) - the vows and oaths of the soul


Note the position of Orcus, with the Sun applying to opposition by ONE ARC MINUTE - exact at 15.00hr EET. Orcus, the TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) refers to oaths, vows and promises made by the soul. (Click here for more on Orcus). We can but speculate as to the meaning of this in the present tragedy. Oscar Pistorius is the only person who will ever know, and he may not even be conscious of it himself. We see his own Nessus at 5°07' Virgo, and Reeva Steenkamp's Venus in Virgo at 4°52' Rx (noon position)... so Orcus is currently conjunct both these positions. Poignantly, some of the last pictures of Steenkamp show her swimming with dolphins ... her final television appearance was aired posthumously, causing a public outcry.

Click here for comment entitled 'Death, Dolphins and Destiny'.

It may take a long time before the impact of these events works its way through in the collective psyche. What we can be sure of, however, is that there are forces and energies moving within this situation that we cannot yet understand, and perhaps never will. I refer here not just to the judicial proceedings, but to the invisible movements of Soul which will accompany the movement of events, seen and unseen. Both Pistorius and Steenkamp have Venus Rx, in Scorpio and Virgo respectively, in detriment or fall. A spotlight is shone on the issue of violence against women, and we can but hope that good will come from that.



Picture Credit: Thema Hadebe/ AP ??


UPDATE 14.26 GMT 22.2.2013


Bail was granted at 16.23 local time, Pretoria - chart below (Chart Four)

Click here for minute by minute account of the Magistrates summing up

Click here for YouTube recording of summing up and delivery of Magistrate's decision


File:RWS Tarot 10 Wheel of Fortune.jpg


Note the IC degree, 8°57' Scorpio. The 'End of the Matter'?

Pistorius' MC is 8°55' Scorpio, his Pluto 8°10' Scorpio.


This does poignantly symbolise the very public fall from grace that Pistorius has experienced ... that which was 'high' being brought 'low'. The 'Wheel of Fortune' in the Tarot Cards ... reminds us that fortunes can change dramatically as the tides of destiny rise and fall; that we are sure to experience being at the bottom of the wheel struggling to climb up, and also being at the top, vulnerable to being thrown down. Our shifting moods can do this within minutes, or seconds. We go up ... we go down. But the 'ups' and 'downs' of those who live under the glare of the public spotlight have a way of being more dramatic. The 'End of the Matter' may be but a relative thing here, as we can be sure that Pistorius will continue to be under the spotlight. We have not seen the last of the developing situation, as Pistorius and his legal team work hard to close up the holes in his initial affidavit, which he now cannot change. The strong presence of Saturn as he and the Moon's North Node move towards each other is felt. This aspect matures to exact on 3rd October 2013.



The Wheel of Fortune also reminds us of a spiritual challenge ... that of 'attaining', realizing or orienting towards the still hub in the centre, around which the wheel turns. We 'go there' when there is nowhere else to go, and many of us do not go there UNTIL that time.

For Pistorius, that time is now.


Station of Mercury:

Note: the exact moment of Mercury's turning Retrograde was only hours after this decision (23.2.2013; 09.41 EET).

And Oscar Pistorius was born about 90min after a station of Mercury, when it turned direct.

This tells us that the slippery, shape-shifting Mercury in Pisces is a major significator
in forthcoming events leading up to the trial.

See notes below for more on this Mercury theme.


And now? See 'Variations on a Theme of Grief' by Andrew Harding, the BBC's Africa correspondent.


The trial of Oscar Pistorius is now set for:

June 4th 2013 at 8.30am EET - chart below (Chart Five)


  • The Moon in Aries, rule of the Asc (the Prosecution) is Void of Course (apart from a sextile to Nessus). Only time will tell how this plays out. Perhaps the date or time will be changed? This is already being 'predicted'. Recall that the Moon was also in Aries at the time of the shooting. A VOC Moon often indicates that 'Nothing will come of the matter' ... what might this mean here? ***


  • The words of Pistorius echo in my mind ... that he would stand trial 'should there be one'...


  • Saturn in Scorpio represents Pistorius (ruler of 7th house), here in the 4th house. He will have been in a period of virtual 'house arrest', facing into a situation grim beyond words. Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, who sits in this very 7th house. What might the 'Lord of the Underworld' have in mind here? Plea bargain? (Mercury rising, conj. Asc, ruling the 12th) Suicide? (Hylonome opposite Jupiter in the 12th, and Moon's last prior aspect is sextile Jupiter). An epiphany? (Sun in the 12th separating from sq to Chiron in the 9th). Pluto also had the epithet of 'Lord of Wealth', and when he surfaced into the daylight world or ordinary mortals, wore a helmet which rendered him invisible ...


  • Mercury in Cancer rises ... the Prosecution as 'The Trickster'? The case resting on phone evidence? Mercury does rule the 12th house of 'hidden influences' ... in which sits the Sun. Not much chance of sun-shine back there. And the 3rd house of communication.


  • The Neptunian theme continues, as Neptune is Stationary Rx on June 7th.

*** 29.3.2013: It was announced in late March that June 4th 2013 will be only an 'administrative hearing' during which further dates for the actual trial will be set and presumably other relevant matters discussed. The trial is expected to occur before the end of the year. (See below for discussion of the chart for the opening of the actual trial, 3.3.2014, 11.30am EET, Pretoria.)


Click here for Andrew Harding's summary of the 'Key Questions'.




Click here for postings by the Pistorius family (or rather, their media consultants)


Note 24.2.2013 - another Mercury/Moon in Gemini theme has surfaced, which is that of siblings. It has been disclosed that Oscar Pistorius's brother Carl, who supported him throughout the bail hearing, is himself facing charges of culpable homicide following a fatal accident in 2008, involving a female motor-cycle rider. He is due in court late March 2013. See note below on the transiting YOD which will be exact again during this time.



Note 26.2.2013 - click here for a news item detailing the suicide of the Magistrate's first cousin who murdered her children, then killed herself on Sunday 24th February. This perhaps 'explains' why his significator is placed in the 8th house (of Chart One). By derived houses, this cousin would occupy either the 1st house or the 7th house, which are ruled by Mars and Venus respectively. Mars in Pisces does sit in the 12th house (Chart One again) , and this event, occurring as it did over the conjunction of Venus and Nessus, definitely qualifies as a 'hidden influence'. And showing, poignantly, Mars and Venus in crisis and difficulty not only through the doomed relationship between Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp, but also in this murder and suicide tragedy. Is this an omen of some kind?


Derived houses:

Magistrate = 10th house. So Magistrate's father = Asc (4th from the 10th). So Magistrate's father's sibling = 3rd house. That sibling's child (first cousin) = 7th house. If it was a first cousin on the mother's side, this would be represented by the 1st house.


Note 26.2.2013 - click here for an article about Oscar Pistorius' aunt Dr. Micki Pistorius (19.3.1961), founder of the investigative psychology department in the South African Police, and author of several books including 'Women Who Kill' and 'Catch Me a Killer'. She claims ESP in the form of 'cryptethesia'.

Picture Credit: Facebook page (now removed)


On Oscar Pistorius' horoscope, this aunt is represented by his 6th house, as we can perhaps assume she must be his father's sister, as they share surnames. The sign of Cancer is on this cusp, and his Moon is in Leo in this house. In addition to this Moon referring to Steenkamp (Moon can represent significant women in a man's chart, and Steenkamp has Sun in Leo), it also refers to Dr. Micki Pistorius (3rd house from the 4th house of the father).


She actually looks the part of Moon in Leo!

Dr. Pistorius is controversial in her views: 'Serial killers are not monsters. They are human beings with tortured souls. I will never condone what they do, but I can understand them.' Click here for videos titled 'Tortured Souls' featuring Dr. Pistorius. Extraordinary reporting of her experiences in forensic profiling, including subjective descriptions of her capacity to identify with victims and perpetrators, in a classically Piscean way. The video is woven through with quotes from 'The Ancient Mariner', the famous poem by Coleridge, which provides chilling pre-echoes of the plight of Oscar Pistorius himself.


Perhaps the 'silent' presence of Dr. Micki Pistorius will serve to direct public attention towards thoughtful consideration of the many issues at hand, and away from the hysterical media-fest of scapegoating and/or idealization of Oscar Pistorius. The transiting YOD between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will return to exact formation between March 15th and 31st 2013, having been exact before (between December 14th and 31st 2012). Jupiter signifies 'the judiciary' or the legal process, and will exactly conjunct the 12th house of Chart Five (trial date). We can expect developments of some significance during late March, possibly concerning the trial of Carl, his brother. Jupiter being at the 'point' of the Yod and in Gemini (its detriment), we have a clear symbol of the torrent of information emerging in the media, stirring up conflict, gossip and offering unverified information - amply illustrating the astrology.


Note 2.3.2013 - click here for an article about previous assault charge. Scroll down and read the comments. Botha (taken off the bail hearing, as mentioned above) was the officer who arrested Pistorius after this incident. The charges were dismissed and Pistorius in turn sued the woman in question for 2.2 Million SA Rand (£161,275), claiming 'damage to his reputation'.



Mercury again ... a conjunction with the Sun on 4.3.2013 - an 'Inferior Conjunction' with Mercury between the Earth and the Sun. Events (inner and outer) occurring around these conjunctions have a later echo at the 'Superior Conjunction' which will occur on May 11th 2013 (Mercury on the far side of the Sun from the Earth). 'Hidden decisions' which influence the later course of events. On March 4th, the transiting Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd house of the chart of Pistorius. Money (2nd house) will change hands (or be 'released' ?) in order that the matter be 'quietly' settled?


MONEY, MONEY, MONEY ? (Chart Six, below)








In late February 2013, I  had a lengthy and detailed communication with Eric Francis of Planet waves. We were trying to 'make sense of' the chart shown left (14.2.2013; 03.20 EET; Pretoria) - the time of the call made by Pistorius after the shooting incident. Eric pointed out that the 2nd house is very much emphasized, and spoke of the role of money. We agreed that it looked like a lot of people were poised to make a lot of money out of this tragedy.


But perhaps the 'money' theme will have 'hidden influence' in ways unseen by the public? Pluto sits in the 12th house of this chart - Hades/Pluto was known by the epithet 'Lord of Wealth', and astrologically this is often surprisingly literal. Pluto is in mutual reception with a very prominent Saturn in the 10th house. Saturn is also the ruler of the Sun and Venus in Aquarius and the Capricorn Ascendant, which falls in the exact Nodal degree. Venus rules the 5th house (of 'affairs of the heart') and the detrimented Sun rules the 8th house (of death).


Indeed, a woman's life and a love affair were cut down by the 'Grim Reaper' as represented by Saturn. The 10th house here also suggests the high level of public exposure, and the mutual reception with Pluto in the 12th reminds us of the 'behind the scenes' activity which will occur out of the public eye.


Many questions remain, some of which may never be answered. But this chart reminds us that 'Things are not as they seem .....'






Chiron is closely conjunct the Part of Fortune, in 9° Pisces.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree contains astonishingly literal references to this tragic situation:

'A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals'. [3]

The interpretation refers to the worship of success, and the intense mobilization of competitive energy in a desire to win the 'race', resulting in a feverish release of energy.


Where is Reeva Steenkamp in this chart?


The Moon is a 'general significator' of 'women', and here is placed in Aries, on the IC - the 'End of the Matter'. It is also the ruler of the 7th house - 'the other person'. The Moon separates from a square to Pluto in the 12th house (exact at 21.33 EET the previous evening), and is placed just into the 3rd house. This may reference the arguments which have been alleged. The Moon's immediately prior aspect, however, is a quincunx to the very dominant Saturn. The man who made the call (Pistorius) and the woman (Steenkamp) have been in an awkward conflict, perhaps unresolvable, as signified by this quincunx. This aspect often references past issues which have become embedded in a present situation. Both are ruled by Mars in Pisces, closely conjunct Chiron (exact 12.2.2013). There have been speculations about whether she was pregnant, and what was the Valentine's Day gift she had brought to be opened on the day itself. The Moon quincunx Saturn often refers to separation or emotional estrangement, and here it also perhaps refers to the disability of Pretorius, It has been stated by the father of Steenkamp's house-mate that he was concerned about Pistorius putting undue pressure on Steenkamp, given that the relationship was recent, and had advised him to back off. Click here for article.


There is certainly a disjunction of 'pace' represented by the fast and impulsive Moon in Aries and the Saturn in Scorpio. But here, Saturn represents Pistorius and the Moon represents Steenkamp. Was he trying to stop her (Saturn) leaving on impulse (Moon)? And how does this fit with the later (unconfirmed) report that Pistorius' collection of trophies were strewn all over the floor of the crime scene, some broken? Does this support the allegation of a row (Moon in Aries in the 3rd house) between them? Did Steenkamp (Moon in Aries) get in a rage and knock down the trophies, only to be gunned down (Saturn in Scorpio, the 'Grim Reaper') in response?


It is known that Reeva Steenkamp had experienced an abusive relationship in the past (mentioned above), and had also experienced intruders ransacking her apartment while she hid in terror in the bathroom. Another chilling 'pre-echo'. In his autobiography, 'Blade Runner', Oscar Pistorius makes two specific references to Valentine's Day, in connection with previous relationships with women he loved deeply. Click here for an article about one of them. Whatever happened on Valentine's Day 2013, it seems that two young people were bringing into their new relationship considerable emotional pressures from their own history. As many of us may have done in our own lives, perhaps, at one time or another ... (see the prenatal connection.)


This is not to rationalize, explain or excuse anything which transpired, but the astrology does serve to remind us that unresolved suffering can precipitate, unbidden, when we are unprepared for it. That this tragedy occurred in such an extreme way demonstrates that there are numerous vectors of force which have bearing on the situation, and which go beyond any details likely to be reported, as they draw in the realms of inner experience: personal history, ancestral influences, collective, historical and cultural issues. I believe this is always true in extreme situations by which the individual is 'taken over'.


Finally, this tragedy demonstrates the profound significance, on all levels, of that which takes place between man and woman, who represent the primal and cosmic polarity of 'the masculine' and 'the feminine'. When all is well and there is a dynamic balance and exchange, life flourishes. When it is not, chaos, destruction and suffering result. This is true for 'the masculine' and 'the feminine' as represented by people, as well as the inner balance and dialectic of those complementary energies within each one of us, male or female, regardless of sexual preferences. It is the heart which holds the sacred place which we so long for, and we generate all manner of craziness and suffering trying to 'get there'.


'May all beings know happiness and the root of happiness'



Note 5.3.2013: Click here for article about the family feud sparked by a press interview given by Henke Pistorius, the father of Oscar Pistorius. Note that Oscar's chart has Taurus on the IC, ruled by Venus. The IC is associated both with 'the family' in general, and also specifically 'the father'. Today there is an exact conjunction of Chiron and Venus at 9°45' Pisces. The article featured the issue of gun-ownership, stating that 55 guns were owned between Oscar, his father, grandfather and three uncles. There has also been angry reactions from the ANC to his mention of the levels of violence in South Africa. Chiron-Venus in Pisces: the wounding and killing of a beautiful woman is like a stone dropped in a pond, where the ripples are going out wider and wider ...


Botha resigns from the Police force. He was the arresting officer at the previous assault incident involving Pistorius, and also the chief investigating officer on the present case, until it was discovered that there were murder charges pending against him. He was withdrawn from the case. He is criticizing the SAP (South African Police) for not resourcing the case properly from the start. See above for mention of the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun.


6.3.2013: This date is the 11th anniversary of the death of the mother of Pistorius


Note 8.3.2013: Pistorius' legal team are to return to court to challenge (most of !) the bail conditions. Referring again to Chart One, we can see that today the Sun has moved through Pisces to conjunct the Mercury of this chart, ruler of the Moon, who in turn rules the IC, the 'end of the matter'. Also prominent is that today there was an exact Mercury-Chiron conjunction at 09°56' Pisces. It is almost looking as if Mercury Retrograde, turning Direct (17.3.2013), will be expressed by the bail conditions being over-turned - or at least, that is the fantasy (Pisces)! See below for comments on date eventually set for the bail appeal hearing.


Pluto tightly conjunct the MC, also found in Pistorius' natal chart, is revealing many levels of authority being overthrown ... the Olympic hero falls, the dream of the 'Rainbow Nation' is shown to have turned into a nightmare for many people, the chief IO Botha quits on the back of his own homicide charges, the SAP are publicly criticized, the violence and murder statistics in South Africa hit global headlines, Nelson Mandela's wife speaks out to warn of 'trouble ahead'. There is truly a centrifuge of action, reaction, counter-action, non-action, under-action, over-action ... and further startling reportage spilling out every day now as various 'back stories' make their way to the front pages ...


Note 11.3.2013: Pistorius reported as suicidal here ... and family's denial here.


Today is the close approach of the comet PAN-STARRS, accompanying the SEVEN planets in Pisces.


Being the sign at the end of the 12-fold cycle of the Zodiac, Pisces represents the condition where the veils that usually cover the soul are taken down, melted, dissolved, ripped away ... however it happens, there is a feeling of being 'naked' before God and one's own conscience, destiny, fate and life. Pisces brings a tremendous confrontation with our resistance to 'being here', and the devious forms that this can take. Denial, addiction, spacing out, tripping out, going into chaos or illness, drowning in guilt, puffing ourselves up by blaming someone else, cultivating a false image of ourselves and beginning to believe it ... the variations are endless. However, Pisces is also the 'field' of redemption (literally, to 'give back value'), and of forgiveness, release, and the subtle unwinding, undoing and yielding which renders us transparent to Spirit. Substance must not be permitted to get in the way of Essence, although until most of dualistic/mechanistic thinking has been dissolved, it will. The mutable water of Pisces flows into every fissure in the soul, every crack, and does so with infinite compassion. As we, the ego, are emptied out, our deeper emptiness is filled .....


Pistorius has Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd house, and reports today reveal that he has had to sell his race-horses in order to meet the spiralling legal costs. Jupiter rules Sagittarius (horse or centaur) and co-rules Pisces (horses are also associated with Poseidon or Neptune). The 2nd house is the house of resources, and while Jupiter there promises abundance, it may also tend to greed and covetousness. So a 'Saturning' is occurring. We noted that Pistorius' bail hearing began right around a station of Saturn. This is very revealing, and let's us know that Saturn is a major player here. Limits, responsibility, sobriety. Not qualities that Pistorius has demonstrated.


Pistorius has Venus in Scorpio, conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, conjunct MC in Scorpio. Saturn is making a whole series of conjunctions by transit to these planets, as below. The line that weaves up and down is Saturn, shown with the first column on left representing October 2012. Look where it changes direction ... in mid-February 2013 and again in early July 2013 (one month after the scheduled trial date).


Jealousy is a most painful emotion, often associated with Scorpio. This cliché dissolves into meaninglessness once we realize that jealous is a reaction against loss, real or imagined. Its companion, possessiveness, is likewise a defence against feelings far more vulnerable. In fact, if you really enquire truthfully into most of the emotions that Scorpio is 'infamous' for, you will find the same thing. Click here for news item ...

Scorpio is the second of the water signs, and it is the zone of the Zodiac where we learn about loss, grief and transformational processes which require our emotional (or other) heroics to be seen as useless at times. It is also the first sign in the 12-fold sequence that is co-ruled by a transpersonal planet (one of the 'invisibles'), and in this case it is Pluto. Far from being 'not a planet' or an 'icy dwarf', Pluto is actually the prime representative of an entire celestial area called the 'Kuiper Belt', where the Centaurs are said to have originated. Whatever label the astronomers give it, Pluto is still the 'Guardian of the Underworld'... it is, however appropriate that it is 'not a planet' as it truly does open up another reality for us when it is active by transit. Pluto is also the planet which is the 'Esoteric Ruler' of the sign of Pisces.[4] Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception .... click here for further material on this theme.




See the BBC3 documentary:

'Oscar Pistorius: What really happened?'


ABC News documentary also available:

'The Fast Times of Oscar Pistorius' (in 5 parts)




Note 18.3.2013: Mercury turned Direct at 20.03 GMT yesterday, 17.3.2013.

Oscar Pistorius was born about 90min after Mercury turned direct, which highlights very powerfully the significance of Mercury in his horoscope. I think of Mercury with wings on his heels ... like the blades on which Pistorius ran. Mercury is associated with the air element in astrology, and indeed Pistorius' feet truly never, ever, touched the ground. Mercury is the 'Messenger of the Gods', whose timely intervention in the destinies of many a god, goddess or hero turned their story around. The interplay of the opposites is always found on Mercury's journey, and indeed it is through our recognition and embrace of the opposites within ourselves and our life that our consciousness and compassion develops. Wherever things have become one-sided or entrenched, Mercury arrives and spins things around. Sometimes gently and with humour, but not always. Mercury concerns information, speech, language, connection, energy moving ...


So did the 'Messenger of the Gods', turning direct yesterday bring good news or bad news ?

Click here for a news item which, if confirmed, does have significance, especially considering the timing of its appearance in the media. And see above where the signification of the 03.20am event chart is discussed.


Oscar Pistorius (Chart Seven):

November 22nd, 1986; 10.30am EET; Johannesburg.






Looking ahead to the next cycle of Mercury Retrograde, we see that Pistorius will have a triple Mercury Return in November, his birthday month, this year, 2013.


These are preceded by a conjunction of the North Node and Saturn, on September 25th, at 9°25' of Scorpio, very closely conjunct his Pluto and MC, and within orb of conjunct his Mercury and Venus also.


Mercury will turn Rx on 21.10.2013

Conjunction with the Sun: 1.11.2013

Mercury will turn Direct: 10.11.2013


Mercury Returns in the chart of Pistorius

are on these dates:


30.10.2013 Rx



What will 'The Message' be?


Update 24.3.2013: Thursday, March 28th has been set for the bail appeal hearing, which Pistorius will not attend.
But his brother will be in another court the previous day, facing charges of culpable homicide relating to a motorcycle accident in which a woman was killed.
(Note - he was eventually acquitted in May 2013)


No time has yet been stated for the bail appeal hearing, but note that the previous day there occurs the final (of three) exact square of Chiron to Jupiter. See note 8.3.2013 above, also. Yes, Pistorius feels his freedom of movement (Jupiter) has been wounded (Chiron) and he wants to appeal his bail conditions. This is like his life story in miniature ... the very 'wound' of physical restriction that he successfully overcame, becoming a Paralympic star en route. His 'bail appeal' was won, back then. Will he win it again now? One can imagine that having his freedoms restricted now might be putting him in touch with vulnerabilities that have been denied in the process.


Two brothers' court cases on consecutive days ... both involved in murder charges, both claiming that it was a 'tragic accident'. Jupiter (judges, court procedures) in Gemini (SIBLINGS!), in a Yod with Saturn and Pluto, the two 'Lords of Karma'. Sometimes astrology is so literal it is astonishing. And first rumours of the big-screen movie ... more Jupiter (everything big, grand, costly, hyped).


Moment of bail appeal decision (Chart Eight)

28 March 2013; 12.55 EET; Pretoria.




Update 28.3.2013: This morning, the court has agreed the relaxation of bail conditions, allowing Pistorius to travel overseas to participate in sporting events if he is invited. So yesterday's Jupiter-Chiron square has seen the healing of this loss of freedom. Or has it? Who is going to invite Oscar Pistorius now to compete in international events? [The comment borne out by later article - here.] And would he be up to it?


Ironically, this is another expression of Jupiter-Chiron ... where we are externally 'free' but have to obey the laws of soul which might demand something different of us from that which is simply 'permitted in law'. The 'removal of restrictions' might actually accentuate the limitations built in to the situation. Or perhaps Pistorius has something else in mind ...? He is also permitted to return to his home, now forever a 'crime scene'.


Timeline of appeal hearing is here. (In GMT).


The Moon is 'Void of Course' in the 'Via Combusta', the 'Burning Way'

(15°Libra - 15°Scorpio).




Although opinions differ as to why this zone of the zodiac should be thus named, it is reputed (in event and horary charts) to indicate a possible period of 'burning' in the soul, psychological or physical difficulty, even tragedy or sorrow. Where Libra and Scorpio meet, both the Sun (man) and the Moon (woman) 'fall', as they are opposite their signs of exaltation. Again, the astrology offers a poignant metalogue. Before Valentine's day, these two beautiful young people were 'in their exaltation'. And after - both were 'fallen'.


But the Moon is also closely conjunct the IC - the 'end of the matter'. What does this suggest to you?


Something else to note. At 19.04 (local time to Pretoria) on this day, there is a conjunction of the Sun (man) and Venus (woman) in the 9th house. Of aspiration, distance, expansion, overseas travel ... and ... spiritual longing. Here the Sun (man, Pistorius) is in his exaltation and Venus (woman, Steenkamp) is in her detriment. Man is alive, woman is not.


Venus is the ruler of the IC - the 'end of the matter'. What does this suggest to you?


Update 25.5.2013: This morning's Lunar Eclipse was conjunct the Sun in Oscar Pistorius' chart.

His Sun is in the 10th house, the 'public face' of the chart. And here, poignantly indicating issues of identity (Sun) being bound up with profession and career. Click here for a thoughtful article about the con-fusion of national and personal identity.


Update 3.6.2013: The VOC Moon mentioned above is expressed by the fact that the hearing scheduled for tomorrow will be brief and 'administrative' in nature, planned to set the dates for commencement of the trial proper. Click here for Andrew Harding's review of the 'Key Questions'.


Update August 19th 2013, Reeva Steenekamp's birthday: trial date announced as March 2014.


Update: Two further charges added, involving mis-use of firearms.




The trial proceedings are due to start in earnest on March 3rd 2014, and the astrology is already 'speaking'. This is very near a station Rx of Mars in Libra (March 1st, 2014; 18.23 EET), and so The Warrior-Hero (Mars, Pistorius) will be 'in detriment', in the sign of Venus-ruled Libra, which here signifies Reeva Steenkamp and his relationship with her. The previous day, March 2nd, at 18.19 EET, Saturn turns Rx in Scorpio, ruled by a detrimented Mars. This Mars is ruled by Venus in Capricorn, located in the very degree where her SRx occurred on December 21st, 2013. Inanna is out of the Underworld ... and one can perhaps hope that Reeva Steenkamp will by then have passed through whatever realms of post-mortem torment she might have encountered. Venus, Mars and Saturn are in a little 'loop' of disproportions, telling a tragic story of love, violence and separation.


On March 3rd 2014, almost incredibly, at 15.11 EET, the Moon will be exactly conjunct the Moon's position as on the night of the shooting - 12°46' Aries. The SABIAN SYMBOL for this degree reads:




An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo.


 ... Resolution by violence fails because the ego-power at this stage of the process of individuation is far too strong ... premature expressions of consciousness which is not free, but can only react 'wildly' to constraint ...[5]


And earlier on March 3rd 2014 ...


Moon sq Jupiter (Tr-Tr) 11.13 EET: 10°27' Aries

Moon cnj Uranus (Tr-Tr) 11.50: 10°48' Aries

Moon cnj Jupiter (Tr-SA) 14.07: the Solar Arc position of the Jupiter of Pistorius will be 10°58' Aries


What surprises will this day bring? Perhaps there will even be a postponement or change of date? (See below ... on the day, the interpreter fled in terror, on seeing the array of media technology. A replacement was duly found, and the trial began at 11.30am EET, March 3rd 2014. The delay included another interruption by the same woman who did so before ... see horoscope of this event, above)


On March 4th 2014 at 16.43 EET, Mars is opposed by the Moon in Aries. The Mars theme features in this story, with Reeva's Mars-Nessus natal conjunction having been opposed by a transiting Sun-Nessus conjunction on the day she died.


On March 6th 2014, Jupiter is also on station, going Direct at 12.42 EET. The influence of the Mars and Saturn stations will be less by this time. What kind of Grace might descend over these few days? We may not see it, if we only focus on the distortions of this energy ... extremes of all kinds, the sense of entitlement, the 'lawlessness' ... this date is also the 12th anniversary of the death of the mother of Pistorius ...


That week, Mars and Saturn (the 'malefics') go Retrograde,

but Jupiter (the 'benefic') goes Direct ...

What might this signify?






Update March 11th, 2014: The last week has seen the trial broadcast live to the world, with various outbreaks of chaos occurring. Day one saw a late initial start as the judge arrived late, an interruption from a 'mentally disturbed woman' (see above ... it was the same woman again), the interpreter who got overwhelmed and had to be replaced, and discussions about exactly what could be permitted to be shown to the world. A line was drawn at the autopsy report, which had Pistorius vomiting in court. Witnesses have been grilled and broken down, but sticking to their version of events. The trial was scheduled to begin at 08.00am EET (3.3.2014) and eventually the 'proper' beginning was declared to be at 11.30am EET. Meanwhile, Pistorius read his affidavit and the charges against him, current and previous. And his 'not guilty' plea was uttered at 11.36 EET.


Read the live blog from CNN here.

(Note: timing needs clarifying, as it looks like the Tweets are showing in GMT, local time for where my computer is located, but 'stated timing' is EET, local time in Pretoria which is 2hr ahead of GMT. Another layer of 'Mercury' issues!)


See the article "Cry the Troubled Country", which sets this tragedy in poignant cultural and historical context.


Trial 'declared' start: 3.3.2014; 11.30am EET; Pretoria

Chart Nine


Some comments:


The prosecution is here represented by Venus, ruler of the Ascendant in Taurus. Venus is placed in Capricorn, in the 9th house, separating from a partile square to Mars, recently turned Retrograde. Pistorius, the accused, is represented by the Descendant in Scorpio, so this Mars is also his significator, as well as ruling the 12th house of imprisonment. The prosecution is 'taking the part of' Reeva Steenkamp, victim of the killing. A stationary Saturn rules the 9th house, and is placed very closely conjunct the Descendant in Scorpio, reflecting strongly the view of the prosecution that this case is about 'premeditated' murder. And Saturn sits right on the Descendant, which represents Pistorius.


Indeed, in this chart, Pistorius is in a weaker position than the prosecution. Venus and Mars sit in the same degree of their respective signs of Capricorn and Libra, a poignant reminder of Valentine's Day 2013, when this tragedy occurred. Venus is pulling ahead of a Mars which 'turns away'. Reeva has 'gone on ahead', leaving a stricken Oscar behind. He turns away ...


Saturn also rules the 10th house, traditionally 'the judgement'. Being stationary and almost in the 7th house (the 'accused', here Pistorius), this Saturn reflects the severity of the available options. But note that traditionally if Saturn rules the 'judgement' (as it also did in the bail hearing chart at the beginning of this page), it may indicate corruption, or that things do not turn out 'as they should'. Saturn is also 'peregrine', meaning 'without dignity' (by triplicity, term of face), underlining the position of Pistorius as 'the exile' ...


However, a feature of this chart is an exalted Jupiter, alone with Mars Rx in the hemisphere of the chart as divided by the Nodal Axis. It rules the 8th house, of death. And at 12.42pm EET on day one of the trial, Jupiter turned Direct! This occurs in the very same degree in which sits the Moon-Uranus conjunction in Aries. Is this simply illustrating that this is the 'Trial of the Century'? With Jupiter rendering everything even more 'larger-than-life' than it already is? Or is the 'Great Benefic' up to something else? Jupiter is often considered as the co-significator of 'The Judgement' ... but one does wonder what a 'fortunate judgement' would look like in this particular case ... perhaps the court will be forced to 'give him the benefit of the doubt' and this will save him from a life sentence?


(Note added 20.5.2014: see below for notes on the judge's decision that psychiatric evaluation was needed).


(Jupiter is in the 2nd house of the 11.30am chart, signifying 'resources' which here would include 'the evidence' ... will this early blundering on the part of the police collecting material evidence constitute something 'fortunate' for Pistorius?)


The Fixed Star Regulus is on the IC, the 'End of the Matter'. This star is one of the Four Royal Stars of ancient Persia, and according to Bernadette Brady, it represents the 'fatal flaw' of vengeance. It is said to bestow honour, glory, fame and wealth on anyone touched by it, but a tragic downfall on those who act in vengeance ...


And note Mercury, applying to a conjunction with Nessus, conjunct the MC of this chart. The interpreter who fled. Communication, true and false, information, translation, facts, factoids, media. How will 'The Buck Stop' in this situation? Also 'the imaginary black stranger'? Read a brilliant article on 'collective fear' ... where 'race and sex and violence converge'. This does have a 'Nessus' ring about it. In the prelude to the story of Nessus, Hercules is down in the Underworld, and becomes afraid as he is surrounded by ghosts. But he doesn't know they are ghosts. He reacts by pulling out his trusty sword and hacking at them. To no avail, of course. A man called Meleagur takes Hercules aside and explains that these shadowy figures have no substance and cannot harm him ...


March 13th, 2014:

The day's proceedings focus on the attempt to establish whether or not Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs at the time the shots were fired. Forensic reports are contradicting his own sworn statement from the pre-trial hearing. However, it has emerged that part of the evidence (the bathroom door) has been either lost and/or contaminated, now possibly compromising conclusions that might otherwise be drawn ...


Photograph of the key, in the outside of the bathroom door, thus contradicting Pistorius' statement that this door was locked from the inside ...


March 14th, 2014:

The strange case of the valuable watches, missing presumed stolen. While nobody had access to the premises, apart from the police. Much discussion around this in court, with Roux, for the defence, progressively managing to cast doubts upon the reliability of ALL the evidence.


Another poignant piece of symbolism ... a watch is a 'time-keeper', so associated with Saturn, which also rules 'bones'. Pistorius had both legs amputated below the knee because of fibular hemimelia ... missing bones in his legs. The case of the 'missing Saturn'. The leg-bones, the bones of the ancestors, the watches, the 'night watchman', karma and spiritual law, the law of the land, the outcome of the trial. Authority, responsibility ...


And note ... the woman who has interrupted the court proceedings twice has claimed to be the ex-wife of the surgeon who did the amputation. Her name is given only as 'Anne Marie', as she has said her other name was 'stolen'. See Sky News report of Day One here. She was pleading to have Pistorius committed to a mental institution. (Note added 20.5.2014 - today the judge has announced the details of the psychiatric evaluation which Pistorius is required to undergo.)


March 19th, 2014:

Court unexpectedly adjourned at 11.48am, until Monday 24th, giving rise to a flurry of speculation. Has new and decisive evidence been found? Is Nel (prosecution) going to throw in the towel, the case being too damaged by the various inconsistencies and revelations of police bungling? Are there grounds for the case to be thrown out altogether? The prosecution had prepared 107 witnesses, of whom only a few have been called, and extra time has been requested for consultation.


The Moon entered Scorpio at 11.13 EET, and made a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio at 11.32 EET. The presence of the 'destiny line' of the dead woman ... Judge Thokozile Masipo (16.10.1947) has her South Node in Scorpio, conjunct the Moon in Scorpio. The adjournment was permitted according to her final decision ... (unsourced)


And Judge Thokozile Masipo?
Well ... I often think in astrology "You couldn't make this stuff up".


Having a stellium of planets in Scorpio, opposite Nessus and North Node in Taurus, T-square Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo ... is the perfect combination of unshakeability, intelligence, unrelenting and forensic emotional truthfulness, gravitas and focus. Note the EXACT opposition of Chiron in Scorpio and Nessus in Taurus, picking up the Mercury-Pluto-Venus-MC in the chart of Pistorius. This makes her intimately involved in the process of something ancient and 'bigger than the individual' being brought to an end. "The Buck Stops Here" is a phrase that describes something about the Nessus process, and here it is very literal. (See notes above for reference to the death of Hercules.)


And who but someone of this calibre could sit in this court, like the proverbial 'Rock of Ages', day after day ... we could also see her as embodying the MC of Pistorius. The 'Lady Judge' = Venus-Pluto-MC in Scorpio.


Chart Ten: Judge Thokozile Masipo

Noon chart only

16.10.1947; Soweto


The day began (at 07.18 EET) with Uranus rising and Pluto on the MC ... both conjunct within one degree or so. Yes, a Uranian 'surprise' later that morning. Pluto on the MC ... could this mean the case collapses altogether? Or further revelations of corruption? The porn connection? The browsing history on the iPad of Pistorius was tracked and details read out. Some was deleted, but it was established that Pistorius was browsing porn sites the evening before he shot Reeva. Uranus rules technology ...


The morning included detailed, gruesome evidence from the 'blood spatter experts', whose testimony seems to confirm that Pistorius was not wearing his prosthetic limbs when he fired the shots.


The trial is scheduled to run until April 2nd, then resume mid-April after a break. If this schedule is followed, the trial will resume around the Station Direct of Pluto, and the Lunar Eclipse which accompanies it. Nessus moves into Pisces on April 1st, then mid-April ushers in an eclipse season which includes the spectacular Grand Cardinal Cross with Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. Mercury and the Moon periodically join in, while Venus in Pisces stays well out of the way, along with Chiron, Neptune and Nessus in Pisces.



March 25th, 2014:

Court adjourned until Friday, the Prosecution having concluded their case.


The day featured detailed analysis of mobile phone records, including establishing that Oscar Pistorius made the first phone call to security. It was earlier claimed that they called him first. In a text message, Reeva had stated that she was sometimes scared of Oscar's behaviour. Much is made of this. Almost every news bulletin I heard on the radio today and yesterday included or featured this detail, all day long ...


Although OP's lawyer, Roux, stated he had previously been the victim of crime a number of times on the estate where he lived, there was no prior record of his details in the police data system. Given that police evidence has been seriously discredited on a number of occasions, it is not clear how much significance will be given to this statement. However, it was established that the police who attended the crime scene were on their way from another incident in the same estate, that same night. A map of the estate with 'crime hot spots' was also shown - noteworthy was the category of 'armed robbery'.


Next will be the case for the defence. It is unclear at this point whether OP will take the stand in his own defence.



March 28th, 2014:

Speculation peaking ... that Pistorius himself will take the stand. However, at 9.36am EET, it is announced that one of the court assessors has been taken ill and is in hospital. The court is adjourned until April 7th, 09.30am EET.


Note: At 09.51 EET, the transiting angles were conjunct the angles of the chart for 3.3.2014.
The New Moon on March 30th 2014 is closely conjunct the Moon-Uranus conjunction in Aries of this 3.3.2014 chart. This Moon-Uranus 'signature' has shown up in other charts, above:


Today is also EXACTLY the anniversary day of the successful bail appeal in 2013.


If the legal assessor is not well enough to resume her duties on April 7th, another assessor might need to be appointed, meaning further delays while the new person reads up on the case. Note the Moon-Uranus in the 3.3.2014 chart is in the 11th house, a house of 'good fortune' which in trial charts relates especially to 'the accused'. Could this be a 'fortunate and unexpected turn of events' for Pistorius?


April 8th, 2014:

The last two days have seen Oscar Pistorius recounting his story, in full spate emotionally, bringing high drama into the courtroom, and an early adjournment yesterday, ordered by the judge. 'Holes' are still being pointed out in his story, as described here.


South Africa has hosted some memorable trials, including the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission', which convened to bring together victims and perpetrators of crimes committed under the Apartheid regime. For all the criticism levelled at this process, it was unique in setting a template which has been followed in other countries. Currently, there are two 'murder trials of the century' taking place in South Africa ... of Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani, extradited to South Africa from Bristol, UK, accused of arranging the murder of his wife while on their honeymoon.


In the case of Oscar Pistorius, whatever the circumstances whch led to the killing of Reeva Steenkamp, the sight of him weeping in the dock, in a catharsis of grief and remorse could not fail to touch the hearts not only of those directly involved, but of those millions around the world who have been watching through various media. While there is something ghoulish about this very public display, perhaps it also offers a very significant 'postlude' to this tragedy.


Murder happens, and it happens often, underlining the human capacity for violence, premeditated or otherwise. Here we are given an opportunity, albeit vicariously, to reflect on all the many issues both central and tangential to the main events, mis-reported or otherwise. Racial violence, gender violence, and indeed ecological or historical/political/cultural violence provide the context here, and in that sense we are all involved. The various beliefs that offer justification or exoneration for such actions are also in the dock.


The cries of this broken hero, fallen into public disgrace, have an archetypal ring about them. Whether they are expressing true remorse, or a desperate attempt to save himself from life imprisonment, the reflection offered is profound. Recalling that Nessus moved from Aquarius into Pisces on April 1st, during the break in the proceedings, we might well ask ourselves what is the 'buck that must stop' here? Is it the glorification of celebrity, macho, out-of-control competition and over-achievement? What are the 'fixed ideas' (Aquarius) that contribute to this? And cui bono? ('to whose benefit'?)


Nessus was the Centaur indirectly responsible for the death of Hercules ...


April 10th, 2014:

Pistorius breaks down in court when Nel (the Prosecution) pushes to show him a picture of Reeva Steenkamp's head after she was shot. Ths is preceded by a video clip of Pistorius at a shooting range, doing target practice by firing at a watermelon, which explodes as it is hit. Then loud, ghoulish laughter, exultation and his comment 'It's softer than brains'. Nel accuses Pistorius of not taking responsibility for his actions. Click here. Note: because there is no jury in the South African trial format, the Prosecution does not have to please anyone by 'playing to the gallery'.


Click here for Daily Telegraph live blog.


Tomorrow is the opposition of the Sun and Mars Rx, so the fulcrum of the Rx cycle overall, and of the Rx period in particular. Light is being shed on the darkest side of Mars, the archetype the Warrior. Here, in this trial, but also elsewhere ...


April 11th 2014: Click here for Andrew Harding's summary of the past week.


April 17th 2014: 

The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th was in Oscar Pistorius' 9th house, and we use the True Node, at 20°02', it was just within range of conjunct the Nodal Axis. Click here for an article called 'The End of the Rainbow', a poignant commentary on the collective significance of this trial.


Both yesterday and also today, witness for the defence is discredited by Gerrie Nel, the prosecutor.


Court adjourned until May 5th. Click here for Andrew Harding's excellent summary of 'questions raised and remaining' ...


May 7th 2014: Court adjourned again today, as it's Voting Day ... almost eclipsed by the high profile of the Oscar Pistorius trial.


The last two days have seen emotional, and at times confusing, witness reports from Oscar's neighbours. Emotional description of his state of hysterical grief and shock immediately after the shooting. Confusing in that one witness, an employee sleeping on the premises, claims not to have heard anything. The court proceedings of the day included a witness being asked to imitate the screams she heard and one does wonder how someone could not have heard them ...


Yesterday, May 6th, there were reports of a 'threat' made by Pistorius, to Kim Meyer, a close friend of Reeva Steenkamp, and with whose family she had been staying. He is reported to have said to her 'How can you sleep at night?' although he strenuously denies this. Video footage from inside the court will be examined today to clarify.


Astrologically, we can see some interesting Mercury activity here. Mercury is associated both with neighbours, and also with speaking. Remember that Pistorius was born on a station of Mercury, and so this archetype is very dominant in his life. It is also on the MC, so very 'public'. On May 6th, in the middle of the day, when this threat was allegedly uttered, Mercury in Taurus was exactly in the Nodal degree of 27°37', at 12.29 EET. The first report of this incident was the Twitter feed on the Telegraph website, at 13.29 EET. Mercury was quincunx the North Node, then in the transiting 3rd house. From about 12.29 - 14.29 EET transiting Saturn was also in the transiting 3rd house ...


This incident is being taken very seriously, as Kim Meyers is a state witness ...


Mercury ... signifier of neighbours, of words/speech/silence, so reports both true and false, and of truth/lies in general. Note that this Mercury is the dispositor of both Chiron (Gemini) and Nessus (Virgo) in the horoscope of Pistorius.


May 9th 2014: Today, evidence from ballistics expert. Gruesome, ghoulish, voyeuristic, sad. Mars in Libra, slowing down to go Direct on May 20th, is in mutual detriment with Venus in Aries. He backs into her ...


There is a lot in the media about male violence on women at the moment. Captured school-girls in Africa, more 'fave' BBC celebrities in sexual abuse cases, convictions of same. Also, major feature on BBC about 'shell-shock', and the claim that the number of soldiers returning from WWI who had 'shell-shock' has been vastly under-estimated. In all seriousness, I cannot believe that people could be surprised by this. Oh, and ... women might well be allowed to fight on the front lines in the British forces. I hear a 'high-up' objecting as he gives a graphic description of what the women would be doing ... bayonetting men at close range in impossible terrain. And this is OK? I mean OK that anyone should do this, man or woman?


The original 'event chart': 14.2.2013; 03.20; Pretoria




A reminder ... both Pistorius and Steenkamp have the following:


  • Aspects between Mars and Nessus (a.k.a. 'The Buck Stops Here') - opposition or conjunction


  • Venus is in detriment or fall in both their charts


May 11th 2014: the opposition between Mars Rx and Venus is at 9°30' Aries/Libra, which is the exact mid-point of the Moon-Uranus conjunction shown left.


This degree area for the Moon was also present in the chart for the start of these trial proceedings and the original bail hearing, and the moment of the decision about bail (in the Asc, but not Moon.)





May 12th, 2014: True to the Moon-Uranus flagged up above, a surprise development in the form of a suggestion from the prosecution that Pistorius should have psychiatric evaluation. Click here for details. This after expert witness Dr. Meryll Vorster offered a 'diagnosis' of 'anxiety disorder', following a psychological analysis of his personal history. The judge will rule on that.


See Chart Two, above, for the moment when the bail hearing was interrupted (21.2.2013) by a woman expressing concern about his mental state. She was, of course, dismissed, like the prophetess Cassandra, to whom nobody would listen. See this note, too ... she said her 'identity was stolen'. Like Pistorius himself? So strongly encouraged to 'overcome his limitations' ...

The stellium of SEVEN planets in Pisces, March 2013, is really 'speaking' .....


May 14th 2014: Psychiatric observation confirmed.

At about 09.17 EET this morning, with the watery Grand Trine EXACT on all three corners (Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron), the judge ruled that Pistorius should undergo psychiatric evaluation. The official announcement will be given next Tuesday, May 20th (the day of the station of Mars, no less!) Details to be decided include whether he would attend as an outpatient or an inpatient, and at what facility. Either way, this means the trial will be considerably delayed as the minimum observation period is 30 days. Click here.




As Pistorius was born with the physical defect which he has spent his life overcoming, here are a few themes which concern the prenatal influences, astrologically ...


  • Counting the prototypical 40 weeks back from birth, his conception date would have likely been around February 14th 1986, the very date on which he killed Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. This date is also specifically mentioned in his autobiography, twice, and connected with a painful separation from a previous girlfriend.
  • From around the date of his conception, through the first year of his life, Uranus and Pluto made a series of exact semi-squares. The squares re-occur in 2012-2015, so have been well underway during this tragedy, 'repeating' this early influence.
  • Note that the development of the lower limbs takes place most intensively during weeks 4 to 8 from conception. From the first to second missed period of his mother.


  • One can only speculate about what these aspects refer to.
    • Near miscarriage? (Like a 'miscarriage of justice' ?)
    • Abortion attempt? (Like the outbreak of violence in which he killed his beloved ?)
    • His soul 'changing its mind' and trying (unsuccessfully) to leave? (Then absolutely having to be 'successful' in his life, working against this impulse ?)





 8 Feb 1986

07°Sc21' R






6 Mar 1986

22°Sg10' D

07°Sc10' R




1 Jul 1986

19°Sg35' R

04°Sc35' R

      22 Nov 1986   BIRTH




23 Jan 1987

24°Sg52' D

09°Sc52' D




1 Sep 1987

22°Sg43' D

07°Sc43' D




10 Dec 1987

26°Sg19' D

11°Sc19' D


  • The natal MC of Pistorius is 8°55' Scorpio, tightly conjunct Pluto. In the few weeks that he had been dating Reeva Steenkamp, Saturn passed over this 'critical degree', strongly feature in the table above. Note the degree of the final UR-PL semi-square, 11°19'. Saturn was at 11°30' on the night of the shooting.
  • The morning the judge announced that Pistorius would be required to go for psychiatric observation (14.5.2014; 09.21 EET; Pretoria), he was given this little white toy bear. Like a little foetus. Probably unknowingly, this woman 'gottit'.


Words fail ...



Notice your own feelings as you read this. If indeed we are bearing witness to some events 'hidden from view' but which have been played out in a shocking way, may this witnessing contribute to the healing needed by all involved in this tragedy ... 


Jungian analyst Coline Covington writes ....


May 20th 2014 - station of Mars, turning Direct

A chance for the 'warrior' to 'turn around' and 'get things straight'?

This morning, at 09.55 EET, judge Masipa announced that Pistorius is to attend a psychiatric outpatient clinic every day at 9.00am, from May 26th, for 30 days. The trial is adjourned until June 30th at 9.30am. At the time of the announcement, the North Node was exactly conjunct the transiting IC in Libra, within 11 arc minutes - the 'end of the matter', poignantly illustrating how indeed his fate is 'hanging in the balance'.


The purpose of the evaluation is to assess whether or not he is able to 'appreciate the wrongfulness of his acts'.

Judge Masipa has said that even though this evaluation was not requested by the defence team, as the question of Pistorius' mental state has arisen, in the interests of justice being done it needed to be taken seriously.


The Sun in Taurus sits exactly opposite the Sun in the chart of Pistorius, within 30 arc minutes ... like a mirror in which he can see himself, or a light being shone, perhaps. And the Moon in Aquarius is conjunct his Ascendant. Perhaps this is a new beginning which will help him connect with his own feelings in a new and deeper way.


During his period of attending the psychiatric clinic, there are a number of significant planetary stations:


Mars D - May 20th


Nessus R - June 1st
Mercury R - June 7th, then D July 1st
Neptune R - June 9th
Chiron R - June 20th

Saturn D - July 20th
Uranus R - July 22nd.


Today, May 20th 2014, a few hours after transiting Mars turned Direct, judge Masipa made this announcement. Will 'the hero' be able to 'turn direction'? And what might that look like? Note in the list above that the stations of Saturn and Uranus occur within two days of each other, about 3 weeks from the date at which the trial is scheduled to resume on June 30th. And when he starts the process, Nessus will be slowing down to turn Retrograde a few days later, on June 1st. 'The Buck Stops Here' ...?


Also note that once again, Mercury shows up as prominent ... it turns direct on July 1st, one day after this date, June 30th, when the trial is set to resume. No doubt there will be millions, if not billions of people tuning in to various forms of media on that day, in order to hear the evaluation and begin guessing as to how this might affect the final outcome of his trial. Mercury rules - curiosity, media, information, gossip, lies/truth. And Mercury does, remember, sit right at the top of Pistorius' natal chart. This latest development is also provoking debate about the degree to which we are responsible for our actions, and what role our 'mental health' plays in this. Click here for an example.


May 26th 2014:

First day of psychiatric assessment.

Click here for some interesting background information on the family, written March 2013. Read the comments, too.

This is the first day of the trial proceedings which has not been extensively covered by the media. Now, it's as if he has 'disappeared' into the Underworld, taken there by the Centaur Nessus, as it were, in time for the station Rx in a few days, on June 1st...


In Dante's 'Inferno', centaurs patrolled the 7th ring of hell, the region inhabited by the souls of those who had committed violence ...


Court in recess while Pistorius undergoes psychiatric evaluation ... 

June 30th 2014:

Psychiatric assessment has concluded that Pistorius is not mentally ill, but capable of appreciating his wrong-doing. Both defence and prosecution have accepted this statement, announced at 08.33 EET in Pretoria. Leo rises, with the Sun in the 12th house, of 'imprisonment'. An assessment of mental illness was ostensibly the only thing that could save Pistorius from imprisonment, and that possibility has been voided. However, in the chart for 08.33, we see Jupiter, still in Cancer, conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house. What could this be about? Is there some still-hidden fortunate turn of events that will occur? Or does it refer to an inner process, the paradox of spiritual release within the situation of confinement?


Meanwhile, this morning Dr. Versfeld, the surgeon who amputated the legs of baby Pistorius, is giving evidence. A demonstration is required in court ... of Pistorius balancing on his stumps. Mercifully, this has been banned from being broadcast on film. The Moon rises in Leo, widely conjunct the Moon in Leo in Pistorius' chart, indicating another heart-rending drama. Saturn in Scorpio sits on the IC ... Judge Masipa looks away as Dr. Versfeld reveals the stumps, with detailed explanation of the pain which can be caused when balancing on them. Has even she (as the 'Saturn in Scorpio' representative) had enough now (the IC as the 'end of the matter')?


However, this evidence is critical ... how possible would it be for Pistorius to walk quickly, even run, open doors, open curtains, let alone fire four shots, while balancing on his stumps, as he has claimed? The prosecution, Nel, really goes for this apparent inconsistency ...


Tweets from BBC's Andrew Harding, in court, reporting live ...

(Note: You don't need a Twitter account ... just get rid of the box inviting you to open an account, and Andrew Harding's page should be underneath.)


Tomorrow Mercury turns Direct again ... so it 'on station' already.
Court recessed earlier than scheduled, as the stenographic machine is malfunctioning -:)


July 3rd 2014:

During the last two days ... Prosecutor Nel has not been able to 'take apart' the last two witnesses for the defence


Psychological assessment being circulated, but judge rules against it being broadcast ... Pistorius suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder) and said to be a potential suicide risk. Poignant description of the 'two Oscars' which co-exist within him. One is (was) a super-star in the world of Olympic sport, the other being vulnerable and fearful. One with his proesthetic legs, one without. Click here.


July 6th:

Reports of major breach of trust by a company hired to 'map' the events at the crime scene ... a video of Pistorius re-enacting the events on the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp has been aired. Click here. Moon has been in 'Via Combusta', and has moved through a conjunction with a peregrine Mars, and the North Node.


July 7th:

Prosecution's summing up claims that Pistorius 'wanted to kill'. Early adjournment, and possible final summing up tomorrow, after which time there will still be 4 - 6 weeks before sentence is passed. We are moving 'into the frame' of the station of Saturn, when this planet's energy will be very powerful. This recent sequence of hearings began in March, on the previous station of Saturn ...


July 8th:

Defence case closed with the statement that some witnesses refused to testify because of the publicity ...

Court adjourned until August 7th, for the judge to prepare her sentence. Meanwhile, both defence and prosecution will create and provide summaries of their arguments. These will be passed to the judge for sentencing.


August 1st:

Brother Carl involved in a car crash, about 8.00pm EET; suffered multiple fractures, was hospitalised, and went into intensive care for a while. Both drivers were trapped in their cars. Note that it's said that he blamed himself for their mother's death. (Mother died of complications following incorrect diagnosis of hepatitis. Carl had previously been ill with hepatitis, and so later the same diagnosis was incorrectly given to his mother.) Carl was apparently deeply depressed after their mother's death, while Oscar directed all his energy into his training. As the trial approaches its conclusion, one can perhaps see once again Carl 'looking after his brother' by taking things on himself?



Chart Eleven: Carl Pistorius

Data: 22.2.1985 (date speculative, noon used)

Birth data for Carl is not confirmed, but after some preliminary deductions I have been working with the above date.


(If anyone has the correct data, do let me know).


What stands out, however, correct data or not, is that both he and Oscar have Chiron in Gemini. This sign is associated with siblings, and here, both siblings are wounded, and both have also been charged with wounding someone else. (Carl was acquitted of culpable homicide last year).


Another similarity between the two brothers is that neither Oscar nor Carl have any planets in the earth signs, apart from Neptune in Capricorn. With this situation (Neptune only earth placement) I have noticed that people's lives may be prone to outbreaks of dramatic chaos and suffering. This seems to calm down in those who find, nurture and live their innately powerful sense of spiritual connection. Without this, a sense of all-pervading grief can be felt, as if one is exiled from Home, lost in the spiritual sense, and wandering in a world which seems blind to the subtle realities which are so longed for, and but dimly felt. And anger can be the reaction ... a feeling that 'someone' is getting in the way of what we want and need.


In 1985, Nessus was T-square the Nodal Axis, and in this speculative chart, it is also in a grand fiery trine, with Uranus in Sagittarius, and Mars-Venus in Aries, possibly also conjunct the Moon in Aries. Hence the Mars-Nessus signature, so prominent in several other relevant charts, is also found on Carl's chart. The theme of 'The Bucks Stops Here' is also represented strongly on this chart, indeed. It is a 'destiny theme', as indicated by the contact with the Nodal Axis. Carl is just reaching his first Saturn Return, and from his Twitter feed, we can see a young man with a deeply thoughtful and philosphical side to his nature ... most of his posts are quotes from others, offering guidance, 'folk-wisdom' and wry observations. One can also see demonstrated his Jupiter in Aquarius, a profoundly optimistic placement, which also lends itself to situations of deep disappointment, requiring a lot of maturity to process.


August 7th 2014:

The final summing up, which will be followed by deliberation on the part Judge Masipo, assisted by two legal assessors. This could take many weeks. Debate is intensifying about whether the televising of this trial helped or hindered ...


Oscar Pistorius recently active on his Twitter account, for the first time since the shooting. Poignant but slightly creepy, in that he re-tweeted several items from his brother Carl's website while he (Carl) is recovering in hospital from his accident. Mars does rule the Aries 3rd house in Oscar's chart, in addition to the Scorpio MC, so we might expect the 3rd house theme of siblings to have a real 'edge' to it, especially considering that Carl is the older one, and able-bodied. If Carl's (speculative) chart above is correct, there is a powerful stellium in Aries, which falls within Oscar's 3rd house (Moon not counted).


The four possible outcomes in law ... click here


From the astrology, which one do you think it will be?

(To review the chart for the declared beginning of the trial, and the comments which follow, click here.)


Judge Masipo announces that the court will reconvene on September 11th, when she will deliver her verdict.

In the morning of that day, we see the Moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus, echoing the familiar signature found on many of the charts discussed above. Venus is in Virgo, closely conjunct Reeva's Venus position AND the position of Nessus in the chart of Pistorius. Venus also rules the 12th house of 'imprisonment' - Libra is on the 12th house cusp from about 08.38 until 10.06 EET that morning (Koch house cusps). The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, although wide by this date, will still be just within orb, and it rises, in the 1st house. Note that their exact conjunction, on August 26th, occurs during the period of the judge's deliberation.



DAY of VERDICT - looking ahead


11.9.2014; 09.00 EET; Pretoria

(estimated time only)


Jupiter features again, exactly conjunct the Descendant of the chart of Pistorius. Something will be released on that day. Depending on the verdict, an appeal will almost certainly follow, and perhaps even a new bail application.

(See note below ...)


It won't be 'over' on that day, not finalised and not finished ...




Sept 11th 2014:

At 10.05 EET this morning, Judge Masipo announced that Pistorius would be acquitted of both premeditated murder, and also murder.


This leaves the option of him being convicted of culpable homicide, which carries the lesser sentence of up to 15 years imprisonment, and the sentence could even be suspended.


Here, the Moon, so noticeable in its conjunction, separating from Uranus, and applying to exactly conjunct the South Node, reminds us that 'fate' is at work. Mars, almost exactly conjunct the Scorpio Sun of Pistorius, here both rules and is located in the 12th house. It seems likely, therefore, that the sentence will not be entirely suspended, but the on-going Jupiter theme suggests that he may not spend as long in prison as some people would wish. (See below for the actual sentence.)



Speculation and some confusion (Nessus-Neptune) has arisen around Judge Masipo's use of the term dolus eventualis, one of the gradations of 'intention' used in South African law. In brief, it centres around whether Pistorius was actually aware of what would be the consequences of his actions, or whether he should have been aware of them. In this consideration, it doesn't matter who was behind the toilet door as he fired the shots ... an issue which is already provoking outrage. Click here for the Telegraph's live coverage of the day. For readers with 'legal eagle' minds here is a document which explains the intricacies of dolus eventualis in detail, including a fascinating historical overview.


NOTE THE MARS-NESSUS SIGNATURE ... this is found in many of the charts shown above. Here, they are in square.


Ironically, it has been suggested that the state might file an appeal against this lesser sentence.

This 'turning of the tables' perhaps fulfills the symbolism of the Moon-Uranus conjunction under which the day began. The Moon was exactly conjunct the transiting South Node as she announced the first part of the verdict, the rest of sentence to be announced tomorrow, Friday 12th September.


September 12th 2014:

Pistorius prounced GUILTY of culpable homicide. NOT GUILTY on two out of three firearms charges.

Mars and a peregrine Saturn are in the 12th house, heralding imprisonment? This is not 100% inevitable with the way events are unfolding. The actual sentencing will not be decided immediately, but will follow mitigation and appeals. Poignantly, the degree of Oscar's Venus rose shortly after this verdict was announced.


At 11.00am EET exactly, announcement that a bail extension has been granted. Pistorius is a 'free man'
until the court resumes for sentencing, probably October 2014.


Pholus rises, and we can expect the 'lid to come off' ...


October 15th 2014:

The last two days have seen the trial resumed, with presentations by the defence and the prosecution and new witness statements, including one from the psychologist who has worked with Pistorius, and one provided by the State (Joel Maringa, a correctional services probation officer). The sentence proposed is this: a suspended sentence, house arrest, community service and correctional care. This has provoked outrage, both in the court and across the blogosphere.


The current eclipse season contains a Lunar Eclipse (October 8th) and a Solar Eclipse (October 23rd), both significent for their placing in the charts already explored. The October 8th Lunar Eclipse was in Aries, and we have seen the signature of the Moon in Aries in several charts above, including the chart of the shooting. The Solar Eclipse on October 23rd includes a triple conjunction of Moon, Sun and Venus in the first degree of Scorpio, within range of the Venus Rx in the chart of Pistorius. The 'fallen' Moon moves to conjunct first Venus, and then the Sun. How will this symbolism play out? Pistorius himself has both Venus and the Sun in Scorpio, and Judge Masipo has Moon and Venus in Scorpio. Their Venus positions are conjunct, and the 'dark light' of Scorpio is here carried by the Moon, from Venus to the Sun. And note that on September 12th, as the verdict was announced, the degree of Oscar's Venus was rising ...


Looking at this situation from a vantage point which includes both the living and the dead, what might we see?

What role, if any, might Reeva Steenkamp be playing in the proceedings?

Given the Mars-Nessus trail which we have followed in several charts above, what is the buck that will be stopped here ?


The theme of 'Money, money, money', also explored above, was revisited when it was revealed that the parents of Reeva Steenkamp turned down an offer from Pistorius of a large lump sum payment, calling it 'blood money'. However, it was also revealed that he has been paying them a monthly sum to help with living expenses. 'Every cent' of this will be paid back, we are told. On the same theme, there is an inventory of the charitable work in which Pistorius has engaged which 'he didn't want made public' before. He has been donating his own money to help with the development of prosthetic limbs, for example, and in the past has participated in a number of high-profile fund-raising events. Now, however, we are told he has recently sold his last valuable asset - his car.


Like many of the gods of the underworld, Pluto was also associated with weath. The 'Lord of Wealth'. This is often explained as a reference to the fact that people would bury their valuables in the ground, so equating 'under earth' with 'the underworld'. But there is a deeper meaning too. The 'underworld' of the soul also contains its own buried treasure, not least of which is in the realm of feeling. We 'act out' with money. We want it, need it, earn it, spend it, give it away, steal it. And were we to analyse exactly what is going on within these transactions, we would have material for psychoanalysis ad infinitum! A great deal of unconscious emotion can become 'invested' in money. It is the 'currency' of our 'life in the world', an expression of the secular fundamentalism which dominates it.


October 21st 2014:

At 10.34 EET, Judge Masipo sentenced Pistorius to five years in prison on the charge of culpable homicide,
and three years suspended for the firearms offence.


After a thoughtful exposition on the difference between punishment and retribution, and a declaration of the court's duty to show mercy, this was the sentence Judge Masipo handed down. Note the stellium of planets in Libra in the chart left. The Scales of Justice were in her hands, as a Libra herself (16.10.1947). Notable also was her statement that the courts do not exist to please the people, but to administer justice, as well as saying "We have moved beyond an 'eye for an eye'." Click here for the Guardian's blog.


This was followed by brief statements from the counsel for both defence and prosecution and the proceedings were declared closed.


Centaurs ...


On the theme of Mars-Nessus, we can note that this day's ruling has occurred with Nessus conjunct the Mars of Pistorius, within 19' of arc. Since the shooting, Nessus has made 3 exact conjunctions to his Mars, and the station on November 10th will be just past exact, within only 13' of arc.


The Jupiter theme, so prominent throughout, is 'brought to rest' with Chiron conjunct his natal Jupiter, within 20' of arc. By transit, Pholus this day was separating by only ONE arc minute from the natal Uranus of Pistorius.


One may wonder what deeper healing on the theme of 'justice' may have been activated here and what 'buck has been stopped' as symbolised by the Nessus-Mars conjunction. Many themes to do with 'hidden violence' in the collective have been brought to light, including those concerning conditions in the South African jails.

There is already discussion about how much of this sentence he will be required by law to serve, and a suggestion that he will be released into house arrest after the minimum term allowed. No doubt the ripples emanating from this case will continue to be a never-ending story ... may it bring self-reflection and healing to all who have been touched by it.


The 'Underworld' calls ...

Pistorius about to descend into the holding cell underneath the court.

Picture credit: Stephanie Findlay

Picture credit: Aislinn Laing



Since the first period of his imprisonment, numerous events have occurred including appeals, accepted or rejected, and a re-sentencing by the very same Judge Masipo, against whose original judgement the state successfully appealed. To read the details, see the Wikipedia page. In December 2015, the sentence was upgraded to murder, and on March 3rd 2016, his application for an appeal was turned down. In June 2016 Pistorius was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. This sentence was increased on November 24th 2017, to 15 years (reported 09.10 EET). Supreme Court of Appeal document for the latter state appeal is here.


A feature of the astrology of this day is the closely applying conjunction of Saturn and Pholus (exact on 4.12.2017).

The prior years of this tragic story was indeed like 'The Lid Coming Off'. Perhaps now the jar is finally empty.


A final appeal (28.3.2018) was rejected on 9th April 2018 ... with Chiron in the very final degree of Pisces, about to enter Aries. At the time of writing (11.7.2018) there are still two passes forthcoming of Chiron over this same degree - on 5.10.2018 and 9.2.2019. So we may yet see further 'outworkings' ...


Below, we can see the planetary positions for the date the final appeal was rejected, set around the chart of the first call to security, after the event.



We can see Nessus by transit contacting the Chiron position of the 'shooting' event chart. Recalling the story of Hercules, perhaps we can see that this tragic chain of events also contains the possibility that all those affected will reach, through the intensity of their suffering, a new and deeper understanding of many things, as appropriate for their own personal journey.


The transiting Sun in Aries is in the very same degree as natal Pholus in Reeva's chart, which is one degree off the natal North Node position of Pistorius. The Lid well and truly Came Off. We see this same Pholus-Node signature in the fact that transiting Pholus, at the time of the 'shooting' event, was in the exact degree of both the South Node in Reeva's chart plus the natal Uranus position of Pistorius.


Here, Chiron is in the final degree of Pisces, indicating that this very personal tragedy also has overtones which resonate into the collective, of South Africa and also the World. What questions are being asked here?


See the works of Nick van der Leek for extensive and detailed reportage of this case, aa pentalogy over five books. The final one, Justice Eventualis, contains a summary and reflective analysis which bears similarities to the paragraphs above under the heading "Where is Reeva Steenkamp in this chart?" He also makes intriguing use of short subheadings referencing Mars, Venus and the Earth. For the astrologer, these speak volumes. February, In 2020, he posted this video.


May all who have been touched by these events receive healing ...


18.9.2020: Final update?

Remember that Jupiter featured in many of the charts from early in this epic saga?

See here. And here.

According to his father, Pistorius has become a 'model prisoner', a 'spiritual leader' from inside his cell, dispensing Christian teachings to his fellow inmates. He is not the only prisoner who has had a 'conversion experience' while in jail. Susan Atkins, one of the 'Manson Girls' implicated in the murder of Sharon Tate during 'Helter Skelter' (1969) did likewise. And the scriptures of a number of religions tell stories of rogues, thieves, murderers and ne'er-do-well folk who became wise and enlightened, sometimes conspicuously so ...





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