Johannes Stöffler



















































Andromeda - Edward Poynter







is making a close, visible, approach to the Earth in 2013,

in March and again later in the year.



Comet PAN-STARRS ...


takes its name from the PANoramic Survey Telescope And Rapid Response System,
an enormous array of telescopes with its headquarters on Maui, Hawaii, but with
nodes in several locations in the world.
[It is funded by the US Navy. Makes one wonder what else this array gets up to.]



What is rather wonderful about this visitation is not only that we will see it visually (search YouTube) but its astrological journey in the Zodiac and the constellations. On March 11th, 2013, at the New Moon, there will be an incredible seven planets in Pisces! And the comet will pass through the same very area of the Zodiac, visible just above the Western horizon shortly after sunset. Best viewing is when the thin crescent of the New Moon appears, March 13th 2013.


Image created by M. Reinhart with 'Starry Night' v.6.4


(See the article on this site about Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.)


Consider comets as agents from deep space which visit us in order to bring impulses from 'The Beyond', gathering astral debris on various levels as they go, crossing over the orbits of the planets as they do, bringing healing and illumination. We are invited to listen within to feel-hear this event ... can we hear the 'echo-location' of our call?




Interestingly, there was in 1524 a rather similar line-up, including Neptune also being in Pisces, and Pluto also being in Capricorn. In 1499, the astrologer Johannes Stöffler predicted that a deluge would cover the world on Feb 20th, 1524. What is astounding about this date is that it was an ingress of Chiron into Pisces!!! And, needless to say, Chiron was not known to 16th Century astrologers - it was discovered in 1977. This serves to illustrate how powerfully we can be attuned to energies we don't understand or know about ... we operate on a very narrow band-width most of the time. But Johannes was a Sagittarius, and prophecy, 'correct' or not, is associated with this sign, ruled by Jupiter and having a strong visionary sense. He was also born just before a Solar Eclipse, meaning his Sun, Moon and North Node were all in the sign of Sagittarius, with his Jupiter dispositing them from Pisces. So he certainly had sensitive antennae. He was also a mathematician and master-maker of astrolabes who no doubt would have been thrilled by the PAN-STARR capabilities. If you read German and are interested in astrolabes, you can download a pdf of the original of his magnum opus here.  Isn't that astonishing? [Title page is on the right.] He also published an almanac considered as the continuation of the work of the astrologer Regiomontanus, after whom a system of house division was named.


Anyway, mass panic ensued, which was perhaps congruent with EIGHT planets being in Pisces, where the power of the imagination can wash up high on the shores of 'reality'. Predictions of disaster often occur when there is a large stellium of planets in one sign. And, depending on your point of view, they are always 'right' and always 'wrong' at the same time. The world has endured many disasters, some real and some imaginary, some documented, and some not. Some were predicted, and some took people by surprise, confounding astrologers and weather-forecasters alike. Barbara Hand Clow, in her book 'Catastrophobia' reminds us that the cell-memory of actual major disasters lies deep in the human psyche, and is sometimes therefore re-projected imaginally into the future.


Here is the chart for Feb 20th 1524, the day of the mass panic. On that same day in 1524, there was also meteor shower, culminating in the middle of the day, but possibly still visible at sunset - the Piscids, what else?! Additionally, there were several minor comets close in to the Sun, and some asteroids.

Click here for the sky image.



AND NOW ... ?

(Click here for the Google screen image for March 11th 2013 ...)


In terms of the constellations, during February and March 2013, the comet moves from the mouth of Pisces Austrinus, passing Aquarius, going inbetween the two fish of Pisces, and onwards into the head of Andromeda. The constellations are celestial repositories of the sacred images which have inspired humanity since the dawn of consciousness. Although Pisces Austrinus, the 'Southern Fish' is not an ecliptic constellation (so not part of the Zodiac), it is intimately connected with both Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces Austrinus was said to have saved the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, who placed this figure in the heavens in gratitude. It is also said to be the fish who swallows the waters poured forth from the urn of the Water-Bearer, Aquarius, and also to be the progenitor of the two fish of Pisces. It could be said to be accompanying us during this transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.




And Pisces Austrinus saved Isis, whose beloved Osiris was dismembered by his dark counterpart, Set, and the pieces of his body strewn all over Egypt. Isis travelled patiently from place to place, tenderly collecting up and re-assembling his body-parts so he could resurrect. Recently, I heard an interview on the BBC World Service ... a man 'on the ground' in Egypt, speaking with tears of grief in his voice about the dismemberment of his country. See also my article on 9/11. The major fixed star Sirius is associated with Isis, and featured during this event.


Andromeda, in the Greek mythology, was rescued by Perseus after being chained to a rock as a sacrifice, to appease the sea-monster Cetus. Andromeda's mother, Cassiopeia, had unwittingly offended the gods by boasting of her daughter's beauty, and in consequence, the coast of Aethiopia was being ravaged by Cetus at the behest of Poseidon, god of the sea.


So the immediate pathway of Comet PAN-STARRS refers us to the relationship between the celestial fish and the rescue of a female figure ...


The planet Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces, and may be considered as the most powerful placement in the stellium, apart from Neptune, in its sign of rulership in Pisces, and also the 'higher octave' of Venus. This comet was discovered by means of a sky-survey only made possible by the extraordinary technological achievements which have also contributed to the deadly activities of the military-industrial complex which threatens our survival. That it breaks into visibility in this part of the sky, which references the Deep Feminine, is truly something to contemplate ...
an enantiodromia, or something turning into its opposite. Perhaps the more violent, devouring and crazy 'the world' seems to become, drowning in suffering of various kinds, the more vital is this invisible presence to our survival.


Perseus found Andromeda when he had just encountered the Gorgon Medusa and cut off her head, having been instructed by Athene on how to perform this difficult feat. Difficult because anyone who looked directly into the eyes of the Gorgon Medusa would be turned to stone. Athene advised Perseus to use her polished shield, in which the Gorgon's reflection could be seen, so Perseus could see her without being petrified by her gaze. And the comet travels between the two fish (between the opposites) then across the head of Andromeda ... highlighting two opposite images of the feminine, which you may relate to. One is the powerful, dangerous, toxic, raging state, occasioned by unprocessed suffering, and the other is a helpless victim being offered as an expiatory sacrifice. Perhaps you recognize these two within yourself? In each case, the rescue or denouement takes place through the agency of a male figure. No need to be sexist about this, as we are contemplating an archetypal process. We can see represented here the yang force of 'cutting through', as described in the 'I Ching'. The watery Pisces domain of sea and fishes through which the comet travels in early 2013 precedes the sign of Aries, the pure, emergent yang force which begins the Zodiac ... so here is illustrated the primal preparations for new beginnings, emergence and rebirth. The sword of Perseus, freeing us from entanglements, offers a powerful image of this, as the sword of insight helps us cut through our delusions.




Traditionally, comets were seen in astrology as omens which accompanied events of significance for nations, often associated with the death of kings. In the last month, Pope Benedict XIV has resigned, leaving the Catholic Church in a truly Piscean swirl of grief, sorrow and guilt, combined with outrage at the serious allegations mounting which concern the sexual and financial abuse committed by clergy, and concealed. So there is no pope at the moment, leaving the Catholic Church 'headless' like the Medusa. And Hugo Chavez died. There is no President of Venezuela, either, at the moment. Thousands of people queued for days to view his body. People weep in t he streets. They are 'headless' too. And Oscar Pistorius - not a 'king', but a Paralympic champion accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. So the Hero died, for many people. And so has a goddess-beautiful woman. On Valentine's Day.Click here for article. More Piscean pathos. Another outpouring of collective emotion, collective shame and soul-searching. A media feeding-frenzy, too, with Mars and Mercury Rx,both in Pisces. It goes on ...


Will there soon be another departure of someone who goes out, following the comet? This brings to mind the fact that on May 11th 2013 (19°31' Taurus), there is a 19-year eclipse return of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as President of the New South Africa. While writing this I heard the news that he has gone into hospital again. At the grand age of 94, he must at least be contemplating and anticipating his departure from this life.




  • What thoughts, feelings and intuitions come to you as you have been reading this and allowing the images and stories to touch your heart and mind ? Confusion, anger, sorrow ? Or something less 'definable', perhaps ?


  • Take a moment to allow a sense of feeling, or remembering, the still, silent, ocean-waters of deep Soul, right now, if you'd like to ... a contentless, gentle 'feeling tone' which loosens, relaxes, softens and dissolves ...


  • Can you feel and honour this powerful comet-wave passing through the oceans of Soul ?





The 'way of the waters' is to let go ... we don't have to 'do' this transition all by ourselves. It is occurring by itself, and we can participate by attuning, listening and accompanying ourselves. Place on the altar of your heart anything you wish healing for,

or seek to be released from, and wait quietly within.























































Title page of 'Elucidation Fabricae Ususque Astrolabii', 1513.




































































Pisces Austrinus swallowing the waters of Aquarius, here depicted as offering a chalice of water to the thirsty sea-goat of Capricorn.




















Perseus - Burne-Jones

Note the rather mechanical, steely, somewhat techno-cratic appearance of the monster from which Andromeda

is being freed.