The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction:

'Healing Illusion and Awakening Compassion'

Heralding the movement of Chiron and Neptune into Pisces

MP3s available for purchase

[2 recordings, totalling almost 4 hours + large pdf of images and notes]



The titles below might also be of interest

(Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of a Guided Imagery process on the theme of the 'Waterbearer')

Working with Chiron

[4hr 42min + 30 pages of notes, from a weekend workshop]


Saturn in Pisces

'The Last Wave' [90min]


Chiron in Pisces

[55min talk + folder of images]


Neptune - 'Dream or Nightmare'

[Day workshop - 3 MP3s]


Chiron and the Healing Journey



                    Bundle of all five