'Venus Angel' 'Star of the Magi'


The ACS programme ‘Astrological Mandalas’

Created by Rique Pottenger

This extraordinary (and simple!) software uses precise astronomical and mathematical information to make designs of astounding beauty, resonance and power. Two planets are related to one another, viewed from the vantage point of a third, and their orbits tracked over time.

The exquisite patterns are literally the dynamics of the unfolding universe.
In contemplating them, we look into the sacred geometry of planetary interrelationships, and may feel their energies in a very pure form, like a homoeopathic medicine. The soul recognises these structures, implicit as they are in the astronomical movements of planets relating to each other.

They are embedded in creation itself, just as we are.

Frequently, the designs themselves demonstrate in symbolic form the traditional qualities of the planets used to create them ... e.g. the designs here all combine Venus/Sun/Earth, often with numbers that feature in the mathematics of her orbit pattern. All mandalas involving Venus reveal symbols classically associated with this planet: hearts, flowers, spirals and pentagrams! We can see demonstrated that these symbols are actually embedded in the geometry of the orbit.

Close inspection of the designs will often reveal ‘sub-designs’ of amazing complexity, providing a focus for deep personal contemplation and healing around the themes of love, harmony, beauty and value.

People are finding many uses for these mandalas: on birth altars, in hospital recovery rooms, and as aids for contemplation. One person said 'I want this to be the first thing I see when I come round from the anaesthetic'.

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'The Transit of Venus 2004'
Click here for large gallery of images of the orbit of Venus