VENUS: Queen of Heaven and Earth




The first transit of Venus since 1882 occurred on June 8th 2004, and the second one followed on June 6th, 2012.

We explore the symbolism of these events.


When a planet passes in front of the Sun, a ‘transit’(1) occurs, visible as a small black disk moving slowly across its shimmering face.  The last occurrences of this rare event were on June 8th 2004, lasting from 05.13am UT to 11.27pm UT. At 08.43am UT Venus and the Sun were in exact conjunction as Venus crossed the central area of the Sun, as if the Goddess of Love revealed herself in a moment of deepest intimacy with her fiery consort. This was repeated in 2012, on June 6th.


Transits of Venus occur in a regular rhythm of 243 years, as illustrated by the table below.


Two occur in the month of December, 8 years apart, followed by a gap of 121.5 years. Then the next two are in June, also 8 years apart, and followed by a gap of 105.5 years. (8 + 121.5 + 8 + 105.5 = 243). The transit date migrates slowly through the year, and the entire cycle takes more than 80,000 years to complete. 


























Although the alignment is similar to what occurs during a solar eclipse, being small in comparison, Venus does not darken the Sun’s light. With proper equipment, however, the transits are visible.(2) Significantly, the places in 2004 which afforded  the best view correspond roughly with the path of visibility of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11th, 1999. Beginning near New York and crossing over to Europe, Israel and the Near East, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India, a great shadow raced over the earth at that time. Venus followed.

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The transit in June 2012 was immediately preceded by a Lunar Eclipse, showing between the feet of the Serpent Bearer, the constellation of Ophiucus

(under his left heel>)

This is of great interest, because it occured near the points where the Galactic Meridian and Equator cross over the Ecliptic.

One of the defining astronomical features of these few decades is that the Galactic Nodes, (the place where the Galactic co-ordinates cross the Ecliptic), line up here, near the point where the Sun is placed at the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This in turn occurs at the convergence point of several ‘counts’ or time-periods as measured in the Mayan calendar. This is what the phrase ‘Galactic Alignment’ is often referring to.

Astrologically, Venus is the goddess of Love, which at its deepest level is the experience of connection with all creation, and so influences our values and choices. Here is our current challenge. We need Venus-Inanna, as an image of feminine strength and power which does not eclipse the light of the Sun (the masculine principle), but which can pass behind or in front of it without any en-darkenment occurring. She is powerful, whether visible or not, whether noticed or not. This strength comes from the deepest recesses of her Being, and does not need to parade itself, although is not shy of displaying her full glory, be it in shadow or in light. Hiding, seeking, losing, finding ……


The Sacred Heart


The transit of Venus is a curving trajectory across the Sun, like the parabola of a playful dolphin arcing in and out of the water. Indeed, in ancient Greece, dolphins were sacred to Apollo, a sun-god. Normally Venus is not visible when conjunct the Sun, which represents the primordial Yang force, the source of radiance, light and warmth. During a transit, however, she makes the journey of Love across the Sun, the Heart of the Solar System. 




In the Catholic tradition, the image of the Sacred Heart may be seen as a depicting that Sacred Healing which draws the poison of unredeemed suffering from the heart chakra, and transforms it into compassion.

In 2004, the small black disk of Venus moved across the fiery glory of the Sun, and again in 2012. Light resides within darkness, and darkness within light. Something comes full circle, is complete, turns into its opposite. Inanna meets Erishkigel, dies and is reborn. Erishkigel is honoured. The Sacred Heart bleeds and Inanna becomes illuminated.


The Heavenly Twins again


Both transits (2004 and 2012) occured in Gemini, sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury, god of communication. The small black disk moving across the Sun is like the ‘still small voice’ of conscience within, or the quiet truth spoken (or unspoken) in confidence. Venus is the ‘esoteric ruler’ of this zodiacal sign, so relationship issues take on archetypal dimensions as deeper cosmic realities play out through our joys and difficulties with others. The commitment of Venus in Gemini to personal dialogue and exchange of ideas means that barriers open, defences release and hearts open. The inclusive nature of Venus illuminates the sign of Gemini, where dark and light are both represented, contrasted and often in conflict, as illustrated in the story of Inanna and Erishkigel. Venus will be Retrograde between May 15th and June 27th when she turns Direct again. These dates are markers of a period of 40 days of deep significance, personally and collectively, which may fruitfully be observed as sacred days within which we can retreat, pay attention to our inner life, visit sacred places, and so on.


As described in Part I of this article, the retrograde period of Venus provides an opportunity to undergo an experience of descent into our inner depths, followed by renewal and return.



If you reflect on what happened in your life during May-June 2004 and also 2012 you may well see that some powerful events were - inwardly, outwardly, or both. The arc of karmic cycles to do with the Venus themes of love and value, as described in Part 1, may have been much in evidence. In particular, mis-placed or projected value may have been challenged. Relationships are consolidated, or sometimes end in accordance with the future that we approach. Within the eight years between 2004 and 2012, these insights will have processed, integrated and settled as their meaning was revealed. In a very real way, the 2004 transit can be seen as a preparation for the quickening transition of 2012 (and onwards, in units of 8 years, as described in Part I of this exploration).

The pivotal point of the Venus process is always the Interior Conjunction. The image of the Sacred Heart, or any other which evokes for you the opening and healing of the heart chakra, can provide a healing focus particularly auspicious during the week that precedes the date of the transit itself. We can allow ourselves to feel safely contained, as we receive healing from The Source which irradiates the depths of our very cells, penetrating to their core, releasing new solar vitality, meaning and energy.


The Great Transition which we are all in together may call out to you during the Retrograde periods of Venus, in any year. You may receive intimations of tasks, imperatives and new ideas at this time. Pay attention. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel, notice or intuit anything at the time. Your receptive attention will provide fertile ground for the seeds of wisdom and understanding to grow over the following months. Just know that your simple attention to your own process, and your entrainment with this cycle will bring blessings.


Give thanks and share the benefit that comes to you. See Part I of this article for updated information about current Venus cycle. The Retrograde periods occur regularly about every 18 months on a repeating cycle of 8 years. The Lady Venus-Inanna glows, radiating her message of transformation, resurrection and reconcilation, and the cycle goes on...





(1) This technical usage of the word differs from its usual meaning in astrology.


(2)  Never look at the sun without proper equipment, or the guidance of a professional astronomer. You could damage your sight.


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