Uranus in Taurus



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Moving from Aries to Taurus, the rulership of Uranus changes from Mars to Venus! Moreover, there is an interesting mythological connection between Uranus and Venus, which goes like this:

Uranus was the primordial Sky God, the son and consort of the Earth Mother Gaia. He also represents the principle of limitless, unbound fertility, and fathered many children with Gaia. However, he did not take up the 'father role' of nurturance and protection, but abandonned his children with, we are told, some disgust at their 'earthiness'. This reminds us that the manifestation of our creative impulses depends on our capacity for careful stewardship and attention, all the way from the initial inspiration and right on into the earth plane. Thomas Edison is reputed to have said that genius is "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"?! Perhaps Uranus left the 99% perspiration to his son, the Titan Kronos (Saturn) ... ?

For, so the story goes, Gaia became tired of giving birth to endless offspring fathered by Uranus, and plotted with Kronos to overthrow him. One night, they crept up on Uranus while he was sleeping and with his famous sickle, Kronos castrated his father Uranus. Where the blood from this terrible event fell upon Earth, there arose the Furies, the Daughters of Night, also called the Erinyes. They are associated with vengeance and violence, but are also goddesses who exact retribution upon those who 'swear false oaths'. (Think 'Fake News'?!)

This story reminds me of the energy of Mars.
Uranus in Aries = The Furies? 
Looking back over this transit, 'The Furies' have certainly made their presence felt.

However, the blood which fell into the sea gave rise to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, most beloved in all her various names, images and incarnations, through many different cultures down the ages. Venus has her sign of exaltation in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, King of the Sea, and in esoteric astrology, Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra, ruled by Venus! 


PLUS in one version of the 'origin myth' of Aphrodite, she was borne aloft from the sea by chimeric creatures called 'Ichthyocentaurs'  FISH CENTAURS who were the brothers of Chiron!!! So much to ponder in these intriguing and beautiful connections ...


Greco-Roman mural 1st-2nd Century AD. Gazintep Museun of Archaeology.
NOTE: The version above was re-constituted by Tamara Stamenkovic,
as this mural had been vandalised, with the face being scratched off.
(See 'Ichthyocentaur' page on link above for a picture of this..)
Tamara (with her Taurus Sun!) has given her a new face!
Tamara designed most of the covers for my books.


But for now, let's look at the personal connections into our own natal chart. Considering Uranus as
'The Great Awakener', a strong Light may be shone upon the life-configuration symbolised by its current 'picture' in our own horoscope. To begin this enquiry, I'd suggest following the 'trails' and questions below:

  • See where 0° Taurus falls. Which house? What's happening there for you?
  • Contemplate the Johfra image for Taurus (on the link below)
  • Any aspects transiting Uranus makes to other planets as it enters Taurus? (Look for any planet in very early degrees of its sign.)
  • And Venus, ruler of Taurus? Where is she placed? In which house? Aspects? 

Happy exploring!


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