On September 9th, 2016, at 11.19 GMT, Jupiter entered Libra.


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which focused on this theme:

"Muddy Waters Let Stand Becomes Clear"



As 'The Greater Benefic', wherever Jupiter touches, it brings blessing, upliftment, expansion and abundance (or sometimes an over-abundance)! In the celestial drama in which we live, when Jupiter enters on-stage, he does so as benefactor, wise person, judge, teacher, kindly helper. Here, in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, we are invited to contemplate the qualities of balance, harmony and peace. We sincerely endeavour to restore 'right relationship'.


Do study the picture below and see what you notice, feel, think. Write a reverie ... let the images speak to your soul.

Below, my own reverie is offered in response to this exquisite ':Libra' picture, painted by the Dutch artist Johfra.





At the top are the Sun and Moon, the primal opposites, representing Yang and Yin, Male and Female, presiding over a perfectly balanced set of images below. They are woven together, even as they remain distinct and separate. The Figure-of-Eight (or is it a Möbius strip, with only one surface?) illustrates the eternal exchange between the opposites in a relationship of both separateness and togetherness.


The horned goddess Hathor wears a robe of gold, the colour of the Sun, and as 'Mistress of the Heavens' she holds the Sun-disk above her head. Sliding down the swirling cloud, the 'unravelling' sign of the Tao, is the red rose of passion, and a bronze sphinx-like creature below, sitting on his haunches, hooves balancing him steady in his space. Yellow, gold, bronze curl downwards, alternately left and right ... the colours of the Sun.


A transparent cube holds the glyph for Libra in the centre, in green, often associated with Venus, the ruling planet of Libra. It is surrounded by a seven-fold heptagram star figure, perhaps depicting the sacred geometry of Creation: the seven visible planets linked with the seven days of the week ... the Chaldean Order, or the Biblical story of Creation. Here, the bluish tones of the Moon are superimposed upon and blended with the surrounding yellow Solar Light. Yielding green ... Venus rules.


Our gaze is taken straight up the central column, through the red rose, the swirling Tao, seeding the opening clouds, to a pair of open hands, receiving White Light. Sacred Fire. This column includes a cross, the Tree of Life, which culminates in a hand pointing up above, to the symbols of the Sun and Moon. On the wrist is a tiny red rose, the motif repeated.


Following now the bluish tones of the Moon, this colour repeats in the wings of the ibis-figure on the left, and in the surrounding swirl of cloud. The Moon-god Thoth, god of measure, language, medicine and magic is also the 'holder of wisdom'. His wings and hair are blue, and he holds the ankh, the symbol of Life, in his right hand, while Hathor holds it in her left. This symbol is strongly reminiscent of the astrological glyph for Venus.


Between them, perfectly straight and balanced, is a pair of scales. The scales of Libra. Thoth's body is twined with two serpents, red and blue, the same colours echoed in the front of his ceremonial dress. These serpents feature in the caduceus of Mercury, who is also associated with Thoth. Vitality pulses left and right, like the subtle energy channels in the body. 


Diagonally across and below sits a female sphinx-like figure. The two winged figures gaze peacefully into each others' eyes. Like the celestial figures in the clouds above, these two mythical-animal beings do not touch each other. They touch one corner each of the cube which sits between them. Their counterparts above touch one arm each of the cross which is the 'spine' of the entire picture. From the scales hang two pans, in perfect balance. In the world of ancient Egypt, it was it was said that after physical death, the soul enters the Halls of Judgement where the heart is weighed against a feather. Those with a 'heavy heart' undergo further purification before continuing .... but here, we are shown an image of the heart being 'light as a feather' ... and balance is perfect. At the foundation of the picture sits a white lily, which seems like both the Source from which the energy rises and whose leaves extend to contain the entire picture with a root-like texture which also 'contains' the Sky.


As Above So Below



If we consider Jupiter as 'The Teacher', what lessons might he bring?


A few things come to mind ...


Libra is ruled by Venus, a sign in which the theme of 'learning through relationship' features. All relationships, inner and outer, with lovers, friends, mentors, teachers, business partners, family members, ancestors, spirit guides, animals, plants, stones ... and the whole of Nature. Indeed, in this sign we experience the entire fabric of reality as consisting of inter-relationship. But it not an indistinct muddle of identification and confused boundaries. Rather, it is a spacious field in which each thing has its own unique individuality, shape and form ... but it is connected in multiples exchanges with all other beings, at all levels of existence. Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Venus, perhaps reminding us that the key to this 'both/and' kind of Unity is consciousness. not compulsion.


We may be shown how and where our own heart is 'heavy' and what we might need to do in order to relieve it of its burdens ... what needs to happen with this? Forgiveness? Letting go? Dealing with our internalized anger about past rejections? Jupiter in Libra offers magnanimity and generosity in relationship situations. You may already be feeling this. Perhaps there is a difficult conversation calling to be had, or letter to write ... Jupiter in Libra will help.


Our areas of merging and confusion may be revealed. Someone isn't as we thought he/she was. How do we react? With rage? With humour? With grace?


And what about the 'Scales of Judgement'? Libra is sign whose processes encourage to recognise and examine our projections. We know when we have been 'triggered' ... we are then vulnerable to casting blame upon another person. This is when we need the compassionate clarity of Venus-ruled Libra! If uncomfortable feelings are evoked within us, it is easy to slip into blaming someone else for 'making us feel bad'. And judge them accordingly. This makes the heart heavy. So where might we be holding negative judgements about someone? What did they do or not do that has disappointed our expectations, or departed from the image we held? If we have felt really hurt by someone, the work of separating the action from the person can be challenging, as this can only be done within ourselves. The 'interpersonal work' of conflict resolution can be a true 'Hall of Mirrors' which traps us in confusion. It is the 'inner personal work' which is more likely to free us to engage fruitfully with another. Time, patience and reflection are our allies in this process.


For some of us, negative judgements are mostly directed at ourselves! And the effort to 'prove that we are OK' can in turn make us quick to judge others harshly, perhaps unconsciously. Between the extremes of either collapsing into self-judgement or trying to protect our vulnerability by blaming others ... lies the 'Middle Way' represented by the central column in the picture. As we open up inner spaciousness, we re-find the heart, light as a feather ...


Finally, the words of Justin Welby, current Archbishop of Canterbury, come to mind: (1)


"Peace is knowing how to disagree well in our lives."



(1) BBC Radio 4, 'Thought for the day', September 9th 2016 ... a few hours before the ingress of Jupiter into Libra!