Wife of Chiron

French Book of Hours - 15th Century. Bodleian Library, Oxford.


Chariklo was discovered on February 15th 1997 at 02.15.51 UT, at the Kitt Peak observatory,Tucson, Arizona, USA. Here is her truly amazing discovery chart, below:



Chariklo is placed in Leo in the 11th house. Further, we see no fewer than SIX planets in the 6th degree of their respective signs, including Jupiter applying to a conjunction with Uranus by only 10 arc minutes! Chariklo sits in the 7th degree of Leo, for which the Sabian Symbol reads:

"The constellation of stars shines to man's common humanity and to all enduring archetypes."

Dane Rudhyar's interpretation speaks of the "nearly unchanging patterns of star-groups ... opposed to the sequence of ever-changing fashions and social ideals. The keword here is PERMANENCE."
[An Astrological Mandala (1974 edition), Vintage Books, Random House, NY.]

Looking more closely, we see that Chariklo completes a near-totally-perfect six-pointed star configuration, involving seven planets! These are quite rare, and are usually only approximate.


The six-pointed star is composed of two equilateral triangles, one pointing up and the other down. Heaven and Earth unite. All the opposites are balanced and in perfect sychrony with each other, joined astrologically with a sequence of sextiles. In some traditions, this diagram is associated with the heart chakra, which is the 'middle ground' of the seven-fold system. Three chakras above, and three below the heart ...


Note also that this six-pointed star joins and contains the elements of air and fire, and that the elements of earth and water are each represented by a 'singleton'. Chiron is in Scorpio (the 'healing waters') and Neptune is in Capricorn (the 'sacred earth'). This suggests the capacity to respect, preserve and contain the volatility of fire and the mobilty of air. In other words, Chariklo brings a receptive strength that enables us to stand our ground deeply and gently, and endure, although we may feel buffeted about by heated circumstance, or bewildered and anxious mentally. We are protected, neither burned up by fire, nor blown away by air. (The current 'world situation' comes to mind ...)

Chariklo is currently in Capricorn, already within orb of conjunct Pluto since 2018.
These conjunctions matured on the following dates:


Saturn and Pluto made a single conjunction on 12.1.2020 at 22.46 degrees.
Chariklo is conjunct Saturn, once only, on 16.2.2020 (the day after her Solar Return!), staying within orb of conjunction with both Saturn and Pluto until 2022.

During this period, there will also be a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 1st degree of Aquarius!! And this too is accompanied by Chariklo, who also passes this degree three times in 2021.

Meanwhile, whenever either Pluto, Saturn or Chariklo turn direction, on-going, there is an opportunity to attune to this combination, to feel the energy, receive its guidance and to give thanks. This also happens at conjunction or opposition with the Sun. These are the 'windows' which will open into this process:


Who is this celestial being whose current aspects are so interesting ...?

The details of Chariklo are very scant in the classical mythology, which leaves plenty of room for us to sense into her energy for ourselves. Perhaps we can imagine her being the one who cared for Chiron during his long life dealing with a wound he could not heal, and continuing to act as a healer and mentor for others. Eventually, his fate resolved when he changed places with Prometheus ... and Chiron was immortalized in the constellation of Centaurus. We are not told what became of Chariklo ... did she return to being a water-nymph, as her life had begun? Did she join Chiron in his celestial home? Does she live on as an 'eternal helper' in another dimension?


Best not to fret about ‘what Chariklo means’ in your horoscope. Use the simple astrology that you already know (house, sign, aspect) and quietly engage your personal ‘earth and water’ perceptions rather than your intellect. No need to ‘figure out’ anything! Look deeply into your soul and your life and take the time to attune to the qualities of Chariklo ....

Contemplating the qualities of Chariklo, and how they express in people's lives, we can notice the following:


  • Moving between Saturn and Uranus but not cutting through either of their orbits: gracefully touching each of this pair of opposites, embodying their synthesis and integration. Inviting the new while respecting the old.

  • Gift for creating or holding 'sacred space'. This can be instinctive, or through learned skills. It is the 'field of healing' which is essential

  • A temenos, container or alembic within which the 'work of soul' is facilitated.

  • The theme of boundaries also applies.

  • Ability to witness. With Chariklo strong in a horoscope we find people doing the often 'invisible' work of caring for those who are in transition ... sometimes literally as in being born, giving birth, dealing with illness or dying. 

  • Chariklo is a midwife. Literally, as in physical birth and death, or metaphorically when we 'die' to an old identity or way of life and enter a profound transition.

  • deeply yin energy, out of which new yang is born. Recognition of the silent power of this profound receptivity. 

  • We find Chariklo representing a reservoir of compassion, devotion, discernment and presence. Being dutiful, consistent, supportive, forebearing, kindly and nurturing.



To 'bear with', abide with, create sacred space or appropriate boundaries, to accompany and bear witness. Chariklo's name means "Graceful Spinner" or "Spinning Grace"... it may be that just as she spins, she can also unravel the tangled knots we sometimes encounter in the psyche. Perhaps spinning an invisible, felt, order from chaos.


See if you can detect this energy, deep within you. For it is she who accompanied the intense pressure of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which will be within range from January 2019 until October 2021. Chariklo remains within orb of conjunction with Pluto until early 2022

Perhaps she will mitigate the intensity? Or teach us how to let go of reactivity and instead 'bearing with' our feelings, so that clear thinking and/or clear action can follow? Or she may shed light on the Saturn-Pluto process itself. (Which may already be echoing back, re-minding us of late 1982, when the previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction was exact, on November 8th,1982. (Include the entire period from late 1981 until early 1984 ...)

What led up to that 1982 time for you? And what happened afterwards? Can you see/feel/sense life-threads connecting you to that period of time? Are there processes which need resolution and closure? Or perhaps something is returning that was 'buried by circumstance'. Or something maturing, for which we feel a deep gratitude? We may be gifted with deep insights which shed light on powerful life processes which ripened or began back then?

Remember ... clear, scintillating diamonds are formed deep in the earth from carbon, as is gritty black coal. Saturn-Pluto is a gritty, black, sort of combination ... sometimes in mood, thought, feeling or life situation. With the help of Chariklo, we can perhaps embrace this pressure, soften around it and explore these darkly luminous states while remembering the light of the diamond ...



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