See below a time-line of the sequence of squares between Chiron and Pholus.

The 'tag-line' for Pholus is 'The Lid Comes Off', and note on the graph below

where their lines sort 'skid' together in 2016,without actually crossing each other,
which would indicate a conjunction.


That 'skid' includes the Brexit referendum, and the 'surprise' election of Donald Trump.

Lid Comes Off? Yes,I think so. The period since has seen 'the historical past' (Pholus in Capricorn, the black line, below)
rising up and demanding attention and healing (Chiron in Aries, the green line, below) individually and collectively.

March 7th/8th 2020 was the final square, immediately preceding 'the world' going into 'lockdown'...

and note that now (Sept 2020) the lines approach each other again. There has been another spike of
infections (Pholus SD), resulting in the cancelling of lockdown 'easing' and a reversion to strict 'guidelines'.
Will this graph turn out to be a sort of 'Coronavirus Road Map'?
Let's watch and see ...




And in the list below, stations are included. Consider them as 'turning points'
on this journey in which Chiron and Pholus connect

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