A conjunction of Saturn and the North Node

will occur on September 25th 2013; at 12.58pm GMT; 9°25' Scorpio.


You'll notice in the date lists below that the synodic cycle (from one conjunction to the next) is 11-12 years.

This underlines Saturn's relationship with Jupiter, whose cycle is likewise 11-12 years.

The two 'gas giants' on the outer edge of the visible solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, are a pair of complementary opposites

which rule the solstitial signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, respectively.

Here are a few examples of this:


Expand Contract
Release Hold
Future Past
Enthusiasm Solemnity
Optimism Pessimism
Exaggeration Realism
Immediacy Reflection
Excessive Frugal


Let's explore the conjunction of Saturn and the North Node.


What does this mean and how might we approach it?


The Nodal Axis locates the place in the zodiac where eclipses occur. Each 'eclipse season' usually contains a pair of eclipses, one Solar and one Lunar, at the New and Full Moon respectively, although this does vary from year to year. An 'eclipse season', therefore, lasts from about a week before the first eclipse until about a week after the second one. The effect of an eclipse season may be long-lasting, depending on whether it is activating something in your own horoscope. But in general, eclipse seasons offer an opportunity to withdraw (like the light of the Sun or Moon 'withdraws') and spend time in meditation and reflection. There is an ancient tradition in Vedic astrology (the astrology practised in India) which holds that karmic issues are magnified during an eclipse season, and so one is encouraged to be mindful and take care at these times. They are auspicious times for inner work - for prayer, meditation and purification - as the benefit of these activities is also magnified. In psychological terms, we can see and feel that during eclipse seasons our contact with 'the unconscious' is heightened, and we benefit from being ready and willing to meet that in compassion and a spirit of enquiry. Contracting our sphere of activity and emotional involvement with others can be useful at these times.


Saturn enters the orb of its conjunction with the North Node in mid-August 2013,

and will be within that orb until about the middle of November.

This takes in the annual eclipse season, and strengthens its energy:


Lunar Eclipse October 18th 23.49 GMT 25°45' Aries
Solar Eclipse November 3rd 12.46 GMT 11°15' Scorpio


Saturn is the 'Lord of Karma', and the Nodal Axis is sometimes called the 'Axis of Destiny'.

Saturn is also the Lord of 'Time, Heritage and Substance' and so this period is one in which the 'forces of destiny are likely to be strongly at work in our lives. Pay attention to synchronicity, watch your dreams, let yourself be guided, and commit to take action where it is indicated. Things take shape and form where Saturn is involved, and we are invited to 'put our money where our mouth is', meaning to 'make real' that which 'matters' to us, moving from the realm of theory into the world of practicalities, shape and form.

Saturn is the Lord of 'matter', so expect some of the following:


  • Getting the strength to face practical or emotional things you've been putting off. Bringing order to chaos.
  • Being 'pursued' by things you thought you had dealt with. What goes round comes round ...

Mark out that week in your diary, (September 20th - 27th, approximately) and note especially the weekend before the exact conjunction (September 21-22, also the Equinox!). Try to keep this time as open as possible. Consider going into 'Hermit' mode, even if you are busy with work and family. Indeed, one of the gifts of Saturn's capacity to hold and contain energy is that our inner life remains protected even in the midst of pressure and responsibility.

Let yourself feel like a Hermit, dwelling in a remote cave, while in the midst of 'it all'!


Plan some Saturnian activities for that week

(or use the whole two-month period, if you wish)






Wearing black

Slowing down






Try a 'speech fast' for one day. It might take some planning, but it is a good discipline which rests the nervous system and left-brain, and allows the intuition to speak from a deeper place as the mind begins to clear.


Dare to take it further - give up the following:


    Using the computer

    Watching television

    Listening to the radio, iPod, mp3 player, etc




If you do have a favourite place you like to go for a 'formal' retreat, that's great. Book yourself in!


But if you don't, make one for yourself. Pretend you are a Hermit, and do whatever you can to create 'formal' but self-directed retreat at home, even in the midst of all the busy-ness of Life. Be creative with it.


Whatever practices you do, allow extra time for them.


If you've not established a connection with a teacher or a practice, this might be a good time to do so. Click here for suggestions.


Try doing chores like washing up or cleaning in a meditative way ... focus on one activity at a time, bring full awareness to it, be mindful ...


Best to do this under the supervision of your health care professional if you are not experienced with fasting or have any health issues.


However, most of us can benefit by a simple de-tox of things we know we'd be better off eating or drinking less of -:) Try, for example, giving up drinks which contain caffeine for this week. Or just give up sugar and anything which contains added sugar.


Drink plenty of water.


If you eat meat, try a week without it.

Wearing black

Try it ! Black is one of the colours of Saturn, and is also the colour associated with mourning. Never mind whether or not black 'suits you' ... just allow the vibration of black and the feeling of the colour to support your 'Saturn-Node retreat'.


Explore the feeling of melancholy, if it should arise. The 'melancholic humour' in Medieval medicine was ruled by Saturn, and much valued as a gateway to philosophical depth and insight. In our contemporary world, the merest hint of such a state is likely to be pathologized and medicated, banished with drugs or distractions ...


Get curious. Imagine you were forced to wear black all the time. How would that be? Who does this? "Go figure", as they say ...

Slowing down

'I am Saturn, Shani, he who moves slowly,

devoted to attachment and stability .....'


Click here to download a copy of the full poem.


You will find this comes naturally if you do some of the above.


If you keep a journal, allow yourself time to work with this.


Learn how to make 'Mind Maps' - a great process for inner work (and for practical thinking too). Try out the software if you already know and love using Mind Maps.


If you decide to do any of the above, you'll be exercising the quality of discipline, much valued by Saturn!


The word comes from the same root as 'disciple' ... what does that suggest to you?


There are some suggestions below the date lists, for you to try out ... enjoy them but also do allow space for your own questions to arise.


Set some 'formal' time aside, prepare your sacred space, and relish the process ...



Saturn conjunct North Node:


Sat Cnj Nod   3 May 1911   09°Ta58' D
Sat Cnj Nod   24 Jul 1922   02°Li51' D
Sat Cnj Nod  12 Feb 1934   19°Aq19' D
Sat Cnj Nod   6 Jun 1945     10°Cn30' D
Sat Cnj Nod   17 Oct 1956   00°Sg42' D
Sat Cnj Nod   25 Apr 1968   17°Ar53' D
Sat Cnj Nod   17 Jul 1979    10°Vi47' D
Sat Cnj Nod   21 Jan 1991    28°Cp03' D
Sat Cnj Nod   6 Jun 2002      18°Ge04' D
Sat Cnj Nod   25 Sep 2013   09°Sc25' D
Sat Cnj Nod   14 Apr 2025   26°Pi02' D

Saturn conjunct South Node


Sat Cnj SNo   3 Nov 1905   26°Aq12' D
Sat Cnj SNo   4 Sep 1916    26°Cn38' D
Sat Cnj SNo  27 Jan 1928   16°Sg13' D
Sat Cnj SNo   16 Jan 1940   24°Ar45' D
Sat Cnj SNo   19 Oct 1950  26°Vi41' D
Sat Cnj SNo    15 Oct 1962   04°Aq47' D
Sat Cnj SNo    13 Sep 1973   03°Cn43' D
Sat Cnj SNo    3 Jan 1985     24°Sc59' D
Sat Cnj SNo    15 Jan 1997   02°Ar15' D
Sat Cnj SNo    12 Oct 2007   04°Vi37' D
Sat Cnj SNo    20 May 2019  20°Cp11' R
Sat Cnj SNo    23 Jun 2019   18°Cp21' R
Sat Cnj SNo    15 Sep 2019   13°Cp54' D





Note that the word contains almost the whole word 'temple'.

The Latin word templum refers to a space made sacred by the gods, in which the augurs do their work.

From this definition, the horoscope is like a templum.

The diviners in the picture below are looking at the temple of the heavens, and they have drawn out a corresponding space on the earth below, also watching the omens there.



Saturn-Node questions for Contemplation


  • What really matters to me? Contemplation 'Everything matters, nothing matters' ...


  • Contemplation on the FEELING of being Guided ... where does it register, in your Body, Feelings and Mind? What is that like?


  • Visualise or draw the symbol of Saturn ... follow the lines, let them speak. What do you see? What comes to mind and heart?


  • Visualise or draw the symbol for the North Node, or both North and South Nodes ... follow the lines, let them speak. What do you see? What comes to mind and heart?


  • Using the above date list, scan your life. Do you see any connection between now and the previous periods of time when Saturn was conjunct the North Node? If so, what are these connections? What can you learn by reflecting on 'back then' which can help you now?


  • Contemplate the meaning of Time ... it is 'fashionable' in some circles to refer to Time as an illusion. How does this sit with you? What, for you, is Time? How do you relate to it? How does Time feel to you? Try completing this sentence .... "Time is........." Do it several times and make a poem of your thoughts.




Finally, treat all the above as a sadhana.

Consider setting a personal goal beforehand, and use the suggestions above to help you realise your goal. Make your goal one which will benefit yourself and others, and one which is congruent with the energies of Saturn.

Examples of such goals:

To clarify thinking

To evaluate 'where I am in my life'

To be open to Guidance

To balance excess (in any area of life)

To give gratitude and to pay debts (emotional and financial)

To cultivate discipline