The Uranus-Pluto squares ...

Click here for a pdf list of the dates of squares, and the stations inbetween.

This trail of squares is quite a long one, seven in total, defining an entire period of time. The dates on the list do not necessarily represent when 'something will happen', but rather are markers in chronological time of a process which is well underway already, since about the beginning of 2011, but which will have periods of intensification as the dates approach. This will be felt from at least a week before-hand, with the energy concentration dropping off quite quickly after the date of exactitude.

This combination - Uranus and Pluto - is sometimes thought of as the 'signature' of 'The Revolution', and recent world events have certainly showed this theme, as actual revolutions of one kind or another topple dictators, alter the flow of a nation's history, and so on. A so-called square aspect is formed when planets when two planets locate exactly 90 ° from each other - the circle divided by four. The number four is associated with strength, manifestation, and completion. Four-square, the four cardinal points of the compass, the four elements, and so on. So indeed, these aspects are more than qualitative, and represents something needing to happen, wanting to occur, for real.

However, lest we become driven too hard by the pressure of this energy, or beguiled with the notion of 'Revolution' in the world, or alarmed by 'prophecies of doom' let us also remember that these aspects work across all levels. In other words, The Revolution is also occuring on the inner levels, in tandem with the turbulence in the outer world - they reflect each other.

It is worth remembering that the other major configuration of these times is the long-term conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. Click here for an article about this. This is a very different energy, a mutable, flexible openness of feeling which offers a context for the more specific changes, and a 'refuge' from the relentless intensity characterised by Uranus and Pluto in connection.

During 1965 and 1966, the current cycle of Uranus-Pluto began with their conjuction in Virgo... back then, Chiron was also in Pisces! So if you were born around this time, the energies of these time now will feel somehow familiar. You are coming into your own in a very real way, in yourself, and this will affect how you live your future.

As the structures familiar to us are rocked, challenged or even broken, powerful energy is released. In the chaos which arises as the new is being prepared on various levels, we are invited to return inwardly again and again to the stillness, to allow the process, and avoid hasty action. If we rest 'behind' these energies and let them work on us, so to speak, the appropriate time and direction of action will be revealed.

In the meantime, to quote Mike Dooley - 'Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!'