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Mandala: Uranus-Pluto movements seen from the Sun. M. Reinhart 2012
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Audio/video streaming

Click here for conversation with Eric Francis of Planetwaves, UAC 2012

Click here for interview with James Lynn Page of RAPHAEL'S EPHEMERIS, Oct 2013.

Click here for an interview with Marilena Marino, for the Astrological Association UK, May 2018.


Click here for material on Saturn-Uranus oppositions (mp3)

Click here for Guided Imagery on Chiron in Pisces (mp3)

Notes and written material

Click here for notes about the Chiron Return NEW!

Click here for pdf of notes about Nessus

Click here for dates of alignment of Centaurs with the Galactic Centre



Click here for pdf of notes and mp3 about the 'Twelve Holy Nights'