The Twelve Holy Nights
December 24th - January 5th

Clock, St Mary's Ottery. Photo: M. Reinhart 1999.


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Some practical suggestions
for following the process in your own way

Participating 'solo' in the Twelve Holy Nights process, in your own way, either alone or with a group of 'fellow travellers' can be an inspiring experience. Many people do this, in different places around the world, creating a resonant field, or network around the Earth as we all attune to the energy of the zodiac at different times during the 'Twelve Holy Nights'.

Firstly, download these notes and make yourself a calendar of the sequence. There is a generic calendar included, but you might want to make your own, noting any significant astrological aspects occurring, or any days which are particularly special to you for personal or family reasons.

The 'Twelve Holy Nights' process starts every year on December 24th. It continues all through the following days and nights, until January 5th, taking one sign of the zodiac per day, starting with Capricorn and ending
with Sagittarius.


The dates and sequence can be shifted if need be. For example, some people prefer to start on Christmas Day, December 25th, and some go through the zodiac in the forward sequence, beginning at Aries and ending with Pisces. Once you have done the process one time, as described in the box above, you might want to experiment and see which 'feels right' for you, and of course this could also change over time. There is no 'right' way, but do allow yourself to invite a depth experience by the way you set it up. Stay with the sequence you've chosen and follow it right through to completion.

The 'Twelve Holy Nights' process really does 'belong' to this time of year, for astronomical and other reasons, so while it is possible to 'transplant' it to other times of the year, in order to provide a framework for simply studying the zodiac, for example, the real magic is revealed over December to January. Every year during this time-period the Earth is at its closest point to the Sun. (This proximity is not affected by which hemisphere you live in, as it is an orbital factor, rather than a rotational, seasonal one.) As the relationship between the Sun and the Earth defines the Tropical Zodiac (the 'usual' zodiac in Western cultures), both the symbolism and the physical energetics are at their most potent during this time of year. This is also why the Moon's light during this time is so bright and intense.

Secondly, download the MP3 *** on which some suggestions are offered. There are some meditative sounds at the end of the talking, and these also run quietly in the background during the first part of the recording.



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If you are planning to do the process, use the time from now until December 24th to consider how you might engage with it: prepare your space, yourself and your schedule of activities to encompass your intentions. 

When the time approaches, collect together your journal, dream book, reading material, drawing and writing materials, favourite music, zodiac cards - whatever you feel will support the process. Or be bold - let go of as many 'props' as you can, and just allow yourself to be present to yourself, and your process, in silence. Be sensitive to how you can best configure your own individual and personal resources for this journey ... will you look for friends to share the journey with, in person or by Skype/phone? Will you 'fly solo'? Schedule brief occasional check-ins with 'fellow travellers' rather than totally sharing the journey? Let the process 'form itself' as your intention grows.

A special note to those who will be unavoidably busy with family duties and commitments, friends and socialising during the Christmas period ...


No need to feel that this process is out of your reach, as you can participate in whatever way 'makes sense' for you and your life. A little forethought and planning, with a bare minimum of time spent each day will still connect you in. Experiment with it! Your inner intention will carry you, and you will probably have the delightful experience of noticing 'zodiac manifestations' right in the midst of

busy days and nights!


Important:  make a definite 'beginning and ending' for the process, an 'entry and exit'. This helps your focus, and also keeps the energy concentrated and contained. Also, be sure to follow through on any intentions you set to spend time with the process, and complete it if you start.


The zodiac picture above shows the points of the stations of Venus,

sometimes considered to be the 'Star of the Magi'.
Grateful thanks to Sophia Smith, to whom this prayer was given.


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