Transparent egg of light

Illumines the heart,

Focalising knowledge of the inner mysteries,

While nature rejoices.


Melanie, Bali 3.1.2012





Standing alone on the fertile land

The angelic maiden receives from above
The Divine Heavenly Light streaming around her 
And she accepts this blessing with love.

In one hand she holds a sphere of light
In the other an ear of corn
These symbols denote her fertility
As she waits for her fruits to be born.

Surrounded by creatures with long pointy ears
Accepting her fate with serenity
At her feet lie the book telling her story
Is she Demeter or is she Persephone?

London 2.1.2014






Hold dear


Keep warm

Fertile eggs

Breed geometry


She takes care

Measures growth



Winged earth

Feather light

Surely adept   


Ursula D., London, 2014








I count the heads of corn, sift grains of wheat.


The harvest is well timed, wisely weighed.


The weather is on the turn and we each do our part.


I sweep the kitchen, light the flame in the hearth.


Sophie Juneau, 2nd January 2014






Slowing the mind-spin

Mercurial perception gently measures

the finest gifts, and energies


inform my body, winged for landing


in ceremony I recognise


the goddess story, 


alchemical fascination knows


the light being, That I AM



Sunflower, West Sussex, 1.1.2015




grounded joining beauty


fertility inwardness knowing


nature logic


divine power

Anon, London, 19.11.2018



crystal heart knowingness


light above inwardness

Anon, London, 19.11.2018