Exhausted warrior slumbers at last

While the lion's mouth his left shoulder grasps.

The Earth greens and grows beneath

Smiling white bull bearing the beauty

Who bears her flame,

Each garlanded with roses red,

As the Moon glows steadily above her head.

Two white doves flying high

In the cloud-bearing sky,

Ribbon-drawn by celestial cupid and his bow

While his Earthy brothers the helmet show,

Adorned with eagle-swan.

The High Priestess sits alone,

Quiet and still upon her throne,

Half-moons hear her ears

and curve under her feet.  

Katherine, London, 2004







Dark red of blood, sun-gold-infused, becomes copper;

Clouds nourish Earth with rain;

All kingdoms rejoice.

Melanie, Old Warden, 2013







With a heavy heart the soldier lies alone
Reflecting on the horrors of war
In his anguish he doesn't see the beauty behind him
And the healing power of love approaching.

For this is the land of milk and honey and Cupid has fired his arrow
The solid white bull wears a garland of roses
And carries the maiden with the chalice containing Nectar
To heal his broken heart.

In the distance the crone sits smiling, watching the scene
As Cupid and his helpers weave their spell
She knows the healing power of this thing called 'Love'
And she knows that all will be well.


London, 2013-14




Ambling …

Garlands of roses

For you and for him


Held by pastures

You girdle yourself with gold


Baroque sweetness

Your feet are lovely

Your eyes so gentle


Sing me a song

Make love not war


Ursula D., London, 2013







The Bull


Before you reach the hills there are fingers of cyprus trees


That touch the sky and rise to wipe away the past.


A white bull smiles and a soldier dreams of cheating death,


While nature slides by – perfumed, milky, beating, lithe.


The wise moon hangs back, in no hurry for the night.


Why would anyone want to leave this peace?


Calypso's caves arch high, fertile and complete.


Sophie Juneau 29th Dec 2013






Part of me safe in my space of contemplation,

while another, valuing love,

shows myself to you in the best possible light

while doves fly,

precious is this resting place.


Sunflower, West Sussex, 28.12.2014