The glory of battling dragons

Is not mine,

Neither the freedom of soaring eagles

Nor the peace of the solitary contemplative.


London, 2007




My single task  ...

the twelve-sided



of awareness

Which I retrieve

From the infernal swamp

of human ignorance.


London, 4.1.2009




May the skull of Death be my companion in wonder

As I seek the culmination of luminosity ...

Hail, Our Lady of Invisible Darkness,

Have Mercy on me ...


Melanie, Old Warden, 3.1.2014





In the barren landscape, our Scorp is alert
Stinging tail at the ready, sensing danger
From behind he hears cries of the dragon who is hurt
And killed by this armour clad stranger.

The desire to protect fills our Scorp full of fear
As he seeks safety in the cave, damp and dark
He has already hidden that which is dear
And he adds to these treasures his own heart.

The babe tenderly holds a skull close to his chest
The chalice overflows with love and light
In his heart our Scorp knows he has the tools to transcend
And to protect these to the death he will fight

Seeing the lone man, the serpent and the Phoenix above
Our Scorp invokes the power of alchemy
So with passion and strength he embraced that which he loved
And they rose magically up until they were free.


Olivia, 4.1.2014




Sharp sting

Pointed beak

Fly high

Digging deep


Swampy juices

Rotten ground

Risky searches

Thrillings found


Dare monsters

Strip the bones

Stay alive



Ursula D., London, 2014










When there are no more stories to tell,


We will sit down in this quiet space


And survey what's left in the wake of war.



The fighters will still battle in their sleep,


The priests will be powerless in defeat.


We will witness the worst of men.



But clear-eyed, we will go on looking.


No-one ever killed courage with a sword.


Our victory is simple: we saw, we endured.



Sophie Juneau, January 4th, 2014








Contemplate the murky dark


Within the darkness there is light


Pierce my feeling places sharp


Let blood flow, carry and invite


Up every thing I need to know


Then watch the eagle taking flight.


Sunflower, West Sussex, 1.2.2015