Airy eagle


fiery arrow upreaching.

Hermit unicorn


measures soul-time.


FAS Summer School, Oxford, 28.8.2011






The fiery ease of the god's aspirations

Is not for me,

A wandering mortal hermit.

But the demi-god centaur

Translates their messages

And shows the way.


Melanie, Bali, 5.2.2012









No wind blows, an icy frost

blankets the Earth.


Stillness before Dawn,

Dawn casts  a magical light soaring  

strength seers skywards

must fall to Earth

and meet the aged pilgrim who

has seen it all.


Diana Grace-Jones, Studio E, London, 15.12.2013






With perfect precision the arrow is aimed
By the centaur, perched high on a boulder
The hunt is on, the beast is tamed
And he wears the skin over his shoulder.

From up in the sky Zeus smiles down with great pride
As he watches the centaur run free
With benevolent indulgence he acts as his guide
And bestows him the gift of visionary.

'Twas the Wheel of Fortune turning round the great God
That the centaur could now see well
He always knew with good fortune he could get to the top
But now he could see that some fell.

Far below the centaur, on the fertile ground
A lone man with a lantern did seek
The abundant Elementals were there to be found
And the pure gentle unicorn that did weep.

The lesson for all is just crystal clear
That whilst reaching for dreams up above
The blessings of Jerusalem may actually be near.


Olivia, 5.1.2014






Straight aim

Sure arrow

Blessed flame


Air is animated

Stone is alive

Earth is dedicated

Sun is drive


Aim for:  

a Mythic pleasures

                                  aMagic beauty

                         aNoble principle


Ursula D., London, 2014







One horse is no horse at all:


Rooted deep in the earth,


We feel our hooves over any distance,


A tremor in the dirt.


And so we move together,


Even when apart.


No fences, no master,


Only the archer,


And the distant drum of the heart.


Sophie Juneau, January 5th, 2014








Light my fire with inspiration

I’ll shine a light upon my soul

This wondrous gift of flight I treasure

Will carry me towards my goal

And reaching heights beyond all measure

I’ll seek and search until I am whole


Sunflower, West Sussex, 4.1.2015