Gently holding

anguished fish,

haloed by

coral alveolae.




Melanie, FAS Summer School, Oxford, 28.8.2011





As I kneel before this gentle giant

I am drowning in the healing waters of his love and compassion,

He nourishes my soul with tender fish and pearls of wisdom
I yearn for the peace and tranquility he promises as he has
'The Whole World in his Hands'.

He promises greater things if I allow myself to let go,
transcend and trust.

              London, 2013






Sit still


Blue shimmer

Peaceful hold



Sparkling colours

Moving gently

Salt sea glitter


Forever kind

Always loving

Return to mystery


Sit still


Ursula D., London 2013







The Fishes


At the very end he was helpless,


Staring out at tubes and lights,


Held in place by hard science.


The nurse brought water to wet his lips,


And he moved like a man underwater,


Like a baby, new to this world:


A pearl in soft oyster sheets,


A pink soul grown around grit.


Sophie Juneau, 27th December, 3013






No holding tight as currents sway a perfect circle

molecule by molecule  

particles cannot be grasped

waiting patiently

sea how they settle


Sunflower, West Sussex, 26.12.2014