The gentle face of evenness

Belong to he and she

Supported by a single rose

They meet in equality

They share the load

Through subtle hues

Of pinks and blues

Which blend respectfully

But don’t quite fuse

So not to lose

Their  individuality.


Linda, Studio E, London, 2006




A single central hand points skyward,

Neither one nor the other,

Showing the Way Beyond the twoness
of contrast.

Left/Right, Black/White,

All is in Balance

As the winged bull-lions

Contemplate each other

With steady gaze.


Melanie, Old Warden, 2.1.2014




And after death the soul escapes

To go to, who knows where?

The final judgement hast to take place
And earthly deeds stripped bare.

Two strange creatures wait below
As on the scale are weighed heart and feather
For they know that to enter the next world 
They must perfectly balance together.

Above the sun and moon encased
By the symbol of infinity
The red rose symbolises the loving heart
The white lily the feather of truth and purity.

And so the God and Goddess appear
In their hands they hold the scale
Smiling they open the gates to the eternal world

And greet the couple who did not fail.


London, 3.1.2014


We are one

Forever balanced

Belonging together


We are equal

Rose scented air

Transparently civilised


Reaching out we say

Burn the thorny cross of guilt

Sacrifice is harmony and dedication

For ever and ever


I put a spell on you…


Ursula D., London, 2014






Today is Friday, and I say hello to Freya,


Catch sight of her playing with two cats,


Watch her glint like gold in the Winter sun;


She walks with her pigs into woodland.



This Autumn I collected the last of the apples.


I stored them in the rafters and now I sit,


Sniffing the sweet air up in the roofspace.


These are your gifts, Freya: your magic fruit.



You hold out two apples from the crop,


One yellow, one red: must I choose?


You balance air and fire in your body,


You are peace, you are passion, you are whole.



And yet Freya yearns for her brother,


Her lovely twin. I bite into a perfect red apple;


Freya's magic heals our lonely mortal skin.



Sophie Juneau, January 3rd, 2014