Lion-man fights Lion-beast

Apollo plays his Golden lyre

amidst the Solar flowers

The Spirit-Lion roars above

Melting into the Sun-Light

Illuminating his Lion-Heart

Causing his claw-clad paws to flail

as the luminous royal crown radiates



Bali 2010





Dazzled by the heat and light
The lion combusts with pride.
The big cat purred as he danced with the Gladiator,
Swirling and curving in the parched heat

Basking in the dream of the crown.


London 2014






On a hot summer’s day

I look at you

Big, burly King of Hearts

My spirit leaps


I bow to joy

I bow to life

Loudly, rowdily, visibly


We circle around you



Ursula D., London 2014






The Lion


I wrestled with my pride too long,


Forgot the sunflowers you brought.


We wore a crown of Summer then,


But courage faded with the dark.


I always loved you – gambler, rascal –


Still love your daring, restless heart.


And so I remember our future,


And fight my way to another start.


Sophie Juneau 1st Jan 2014