Lion and unicorn

Seek each others’ gaze

Across the monkey world

Of division, number and measure....

The fool seeks the cooling waters of temperance.

The triumphal dragons

Of Sun and Moon

breathe the flame of life

into the loins of the lovers.


Melanie, Bali 29.11.2011





Polished forms intertwine

These same opposites

Fly high

Unite arms

Fill each space


Each different

    All one


No dark dragons please!


Ursula D., Studio E, 15.12.2013, London





Temperance …





Unicorn ...




     Moon up, Sun down.

Tails ...


Studio E 15.12.2013, London






 The Twins


Sun and shade, water and sky,


Everything divides down here …


Till two lonely dragons meet,


Till the twins kiss – then fly.


Sophie Juneau 30th Dec 2013






How far is far – how near is near

A comfortable distance

For love and detachment

Balance and centre

Modesty and arrogance


How far is far and how near is near

I see you and I love your difference

I see you and I love our difference

I see you and I love my difference

In the distance

My cup flows into yours and yours pours into mine

Love without knots –a light touch brings healing.


Sunflower, West Sussex, 29.12.2014



Duality, dexterity, balance ...


Union, completion, temperance ...


Intellect, hermaphrodite ...


Peace, love and healing.


Anon, London, 19.11.2018