reaching, reached, teaching, taught

harsh separation caught


Melanie, Bali, 2011




Dynamic of symbol = about being overthrown


FAS Summer School, Oxford, 2011




Climbs a little

crash down

difficult climb up

slide down a little

turn over, slide down to

               resting place in the great below.


FAS Summer School, Oxford, 2011




holding, carrying, scooping, protecting


Bali, 2009





Mountain Goat

Stands Tall

Arched in Light

Men Beseech

Arms Raised

Children Play

Bearded One

Steps out of Wisdom's Cave


Gwen, 2012





Lifetime's supremacy

Harshly risky

Plateaux of expectancy

Praise is limited

Wisdom sought

Position well fought


Anne, 2012





The hermit in the cave sits still as a rock
As he observes the cycle of life,
The terrain is barren and bleak - obstacles prevail
But the hidden symbols hold the key to success.

The youthful goat has reached the peak
As his large eyes look down to whence he came
He understands this wise man's bones are etched with time, 

A time for one to live but for the other to die.


London 2013






Success is a mountain view

A striving for the summit

Life process and reaching

Through cave and granite .....

It brings the view and celebration of life


Kerrie, 2012





Written in stone

Wisdom of death


Lead us through time

Quartz symmetry


Thin hard bone horny


Granite born babes

Hard seeds alone


Stand up and reach

For brightest light


Ursula D., London 2013






Sea Goat 


I swam to this lighthouse from a racing sea

And landed on bare rock, too scared to rest –


Heart still beating with the fear of drowning.


So I clung to stone steps and tasted salt air.



Now I am here at the top of this fort,


But I smell the sea, and both rule my bones.


I watch the stars, the weather and the boats,


Stand guard over those that plough hard water.



I have seen monsters that feed underneath,


Seen ancestors alive in the swell of the sea,


But I am proud to tend this one light;


The watchman never sings alone in the night.



Sophie Juneau, 25 Dec 2013






Arrived alone to face the sun




listen to the voices calling.


Sunflower, West Sussex, 24.12.2014.