Behind blind fire

Cool steady flame

Lights the Path.


Melanie, Old Warden, 2006




“May you have the faith

to carry the lantern,

even when

the flame dies,

trusting that

the Divine Fire

will show you the way.”


Bali, Dec 28th 2010

















Ursula D, Studio E, 15.12.2013





In the heat of the night came a blood curdling cry
His face was contorted with fear
As he went into battle he knew he would die
And he knew that the moment was near.

As still as a rock the Magician stood tall,
Connecting the earth and the sky,
He watched the brave warrior as he went into war
And he, too, knew he would die.

London, 2013.






Thorny thistle

Rough wool

Burning sand

Singeing flame

Breast pin

Sharp shields




Be my flame

Be my light

Be aware

Guard the sacred


Ursula D., London, 2013






The Ram


The city burned that night, and the animals died.


We had heard stories of giants and ice,


But this fire was worse. Some could only cry.


But in that moment of extinction I came alive,


Pulled iron from the earth and fought:


Salvaged a blind girl and a tricky youth,


Stood guard against shock and grief.


Lightning will shatter the tallest tree,


And fire can burn a whole forest:


But some seeds need a flame to flourish.


Out of every battle a seed will follow.


Ash and Elder, the beginnings of tomorrow.


Sophie Juneau 28th December, 2013





Go not in anger to the fray

Your inner vision guides the way

With metal for printing, and display

the work you’re fired to make today


With hot metal forge and bend

And shape the form you would amend

Bring into light with strength and power

The burning vision, seize the hour


Crumble dusty ancient ways

Trample over danger days

Light the fire that burns the new

To life, begin and follow through


Sunflower, West Sussex, 27.12.2014




Beyond blindness,


far from wrong perception,


the eye of the heart is beating.


May the vision of wholeness


hold the flame we follow.

Mercè Naudi Bonet, Barcelona, 21.4.2018