Sun-round above skull and human

Smiles and waters flow

Care and compassion pouring slow

Makes the lotus grow

From the swamp below

As the air billows into there

Distant white fire detriments the Sun

And creates consciousness.

The gold of his gaze

Splashes up and illuminates the flowers.


The arch of the threshold is set wide open.

A small figure makes his way.


Melanie, Old Warden, 26.12.2006





Midnight Sun

               in starry skies

               covers luminous mountain-top.

Small figure

               pauses in the jaws

               of time.

Midnight Sun

               watches Water-Bearer

               pour pure heavenly water,

               making white swans.


Studio E, London, 15.12.2013






The jaws of Death are open wide

A lone figure steps through to the other side.

The road is straight, the peak is high

He's gone on a journey, he never did die.


From up in the sky with the sun and the stars

A Godlike figure pours water from a jar

Seven Lillie's thrive as it falls like rain

Before rising like steam to start the cycle again. 


                                                                                                       London, 2013



Release me upward flow

Light up my path

Open the door 


All of a sudden: blooms

Walk swiftly

Enter the light of death

Release me


Be bright and shine

Do not fear:


Light in rain

Water in sky

Airy roots

Earthy ideals


Welcome cities of light


Ursula D., London, 2013





Water Bearer



The beck ran clear under my toes


And the sky rose, hard enamel overhead,


With crazy cirrus signalling change.



I saw fires spiral on a farmer's track:


Late season clearance on the uplands.



The wind ripped through wild tall grass,


Winding like snakes, like thought.


We are grains of sand, bound by water.


We gaze at stars, we have the gift of laughter.


Sophie Juneau, 26th December 2013